Controller for pumps
Controller for pumps

Controller for pumps

ARO has developed a closed-loop controller that offers remote operating capabilities, requiring less operator oversight and a dispensing repeatability within one per cent. In 2015, ARO celebrates 85 years of delivering reliable fluid management intelligence to the global marketplace. Coinciding with this milestone, ARO is introducing the world´s first closed-loop controller for air-operated diaphragm pumps. Building on years of innovation and technical expertise, ARO is responding to customer needs for a closed-loop system that allows them to customise production lines and remotely monitor fluid transfer to ensure greater efficiency and less production downtime. With the ARO controller, ARO proactively solves some of industry´s most challenging fluid management issues while providing a solution that is easily integrated into existing production lines.
Key features of ARO Controller control pumps are:
Migrates to a smart touch and walk away system that helps optimise costs and control pumps.
Close loop system achieves dispensing repeatability within one per cent
Safe control and monitoring via remote control
Multi-pump control for accurate two part batching processes
Controller accepts leak detection, liquid level sensing and proportional control
Remote triggers and alerts send operating data, can perform auto shutdown and keep up-to-date on maintenance needs
Seamless integration between the ARO Controller and EXP series electronic interface pumps
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