CP committed to innovation & quality for over 100 years
CP committed to innovation & quality for over 100 years

CP committed to innovation & quality for over 100 years

Products from Claudius Peters encompass a broad spectrum of industry areas as the company continues to evolve and push the boundaries of what is possible from its systems.

The history of Claudius Peters started in 1906 with its foundation by Mr. Claudius Peters. Today it is one of the world's most respected engineering houses continues to set benchmarks for the design, manufacture and commissioning of materials handling and processing systems for the gypsum, cement, coal, alumina and bulk-handling industries. Claudius Peters provides world-class service to the world's biggest bulk materials producers. The Claudius Peters Group GmbH is headquartered in Buxtehude near Hamburg, Germany, with regional offices in the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Technikum (Technical Centre)
At its Technical Center, Claudius Peters conducts an exhaustive program of ongoing research and development which keeps it at the cutting edge of industry technology. In this facility, widely regarded as one of the most comprehensive of its kind anywhere in the world, state-of-the-art testing procedures ensure that every new application is thoroughly evaluated before proceeding to full scale plant.

The pneumatic test plant is used to show our customers by way of test transports that extremely long transport distances can be handled well and that they are still used in many applications today. The continuous further development of our pneumatic conveying systems has always been one of the main focuses of Claudius Peters. The so-called Fuller pump, for example, has at its time revolutionized the feeding of bulk solids into pneumatic conveying lines.

The special feature of this conveying pump is that it compresses the material by means of a screw into a plug which then seals off the material inlet against the higher counter-pressure inside the pipeline. The next generation of pumps was the so-called pump type H, which had several advantages over the Fuller pump, such as easier maintenance and higher throughput.

The latest and most advanced pump type for bulk solids developed by Claudius Peters is the X-pump, which has set new standards for maintenance and smooth running.

Claudius Peters offers reliable, state-of-the-art bulk handling systems for stacking and reclaiming a wide range of dry bulk materials, including cement raw materials, coal, wood-chip and fertilizer.

Pneumatic Conveying
Continuous technological innovation at the Technikum in Germany has enabled Claudius Peters to become one of the world's leading names in the supply of systems and equipment for pneumatic conveying of bulk materials. FLUIDCON, the conveyor pipe combining all the advantages of pneumatic conveying with considerably lower energy consumption, along with the famous Claudius Peters 'X-Pump' and 'Aeroslide'solutions, have served to revolutionize global pneumatic conveying technology.

With its Pulverized Coal Injection or 'PCI' technology, Claudius Peters combines peerless knowledge of grinding and long distance pneumatic conveying with precise measuring, silo storage expertise and coal dosing technology to offer a comprehensive turnkey system. In the steel making process, this PCI technology replaces up to 50 per cent of the coke charge used for smelting, utilising the far less expensive fuel, coal, to provide a more efficient, more environmentally friendly system at a lower cost.

Claudius Peters is universally acknowledged as one of the foremost authorities on coal and mineral grinding technology. Designed without bearings or lubrication points in the grinding section, the famous Claudius Peters EM ball ring mill remains the simplest, most reliable method for grinding fine coal and other minerals.

With knowledge gained in over hundreds of applications of the EM Mill, Claudius Peters can offer reliable solutions for even the most extreme processing challenges, achieving up to 40,000 service hours from a single set of grinding elements. Claudius Peters can also combine grinding and calcining processes in a single modified version of the EM mill.

Claudius Peters' ground breaking technology in high capacity bulk storage and mixing silos has ensured its place as an industry leader. For higher capacity requirements in particular (up to 80,000 tonnes for free flowing bulk solids materials), Claudius Peters' technology excels.

Claudius Peters develops and supplies a wide spectrum of silo types for materials such as cement, lime, gypsum and alumina, with specific consideration to flow, storage and handling characteristics of the materials.

Whatever the specification, Claudius Peters is able to draw upon its vast knowledge of bulk materials and silo designs to ensure delivery of the optimum solution.

Claudius Peters supply complete, customised gypsum processing systems, with its EM Mill combining the functions of grinding, drying, calcining and classifying into one single unit. For fine raw materials such as synthetic gypsum, the Horizontal Impact Calciner allows direct calcining without grinding. The Claudius Peters Homogenizer provides superior plaster quality, while the Claudius Peters Rotary Drum Cooler offers maximum efficiency in bringing calcining temperatures down to required product temperatures for further processing.

Clinker cooler
With hundreds of Claudius Peters Clinker Coolers commissioned around the world and more than 60 years' experience in this field, Claudius Peters' reputation as outright industry leader in a rapidly evolving cement industry speaks for itself. Where Claudius Peters' very first cooler had a capacity of 500 tonnes per day, today it builds systems with capacities of up to 13,000 tonnes per day. The Claudius Peters ETA Cooler encapsulates the evolution of clinker cooling in one complete system. With its unique transport system based on the proved 'moving floor' model, this cooler is quick to install and gives users lower operating costs and extremely high reliability. The technology is used to cool down cement clinker from approximately 1,400 ¦C to approx. 100 ¦C with air by way of the cross-current principle. This technology has accompanied Claudius Peters from the start has been focusing to further improve and develop process technology.

The Claudius Peters cooler is now in its fifth generation. We have started our clinker cooler development with the first generation cooler which was characterized by chamber aeration, a continuous inclination of the cooler grate and a low clinker bed, approximately 180-185 mm.

The fourth generation cooler
The fourth generation cooler was characterided by a static bottom and movable lanes inside the clinker bed. This cooler was then followed by the most modern cooler, our so-called ETA cooler.

The fifth generation coolers ETA Cooler Features
The ETA cooler was developed to meet the requirements of today's cement industry. Claudius Peters has identified that the clinker cooler is one of the most maintenance- and process-sensitive areas in the operation of a cement plant, and based on the experience of Claudius Peters' innovative design team we have developed the ETA cooler.

Compact design versus other grateless cooler designs
Today the industry is expected to handle all resources responsibly. Since the cement industry has a very high energy demand, there is a high pressure to save energy and to reduce the CO2 emission. Claudius Peters is continuously searching for new ways to improve these processes, this way trying to help the cement industry, to find ways to produce cement at a low consumption of energy and other resources.

Packing & Dispatch
In conjunction with its clients, it has developed systems capable of packing up to 4,800 x 50 kilogram bags per hour on a single line, amounting to over 240 tonnes per hour one of the highest capacity bagging systems. Claudius Peters also provides bulk and bagged dispatch automation systems, offering a high degree of accuracy and allowing for fully or semi-automatic product loading.

After-Sales Support
Claudius Peters retains responsibility for all the equipment it delivers, with the promise that the technology will keep performing as well through its entire life as it did on its very first day of installation. The Claudius Peters after market division provides long-term global support, backed by comprehensive spare parts provision.

Claudius Peters has identified that the clinker cooler is one of the most maintenance- and process-sensitive areas in the operation of a cement plant.

For further information contact: india@claudiuspeters.com

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