Events ( May 2013)

Events ( May 2013)


The 8th International Symposium on Cement & Concrete
20 -23, September 2013
Beijing, China

The International Symposium on Cement and Concrete started at Beijing in 1985, has become a quadrennial routine international symposium for promoting worldwide cooperation and communication on cement chemistry and concrete technology and focusing on cement and concrete contributing to global sustainability. All the previous events have aroused concern in cement and concrete circles and attracted a great number of scientific and technological professionals, including many world-renowned experts. This symposium will demonstrate the high level of science and technology and up-to-date achievements in low-energy manufacture and efficient utilisation of cement and concrete in the world.
Ms. Fu Xiaoxin
No. 11 Sanlihe Road,
Beijing 100831, P.R. China
Tel: +86 10 57811246/1245
Tel: 91 22 2419 3000

13 -14 July, 2013

The Ferrocement Society, Pune, is organising a National Convention on Ferrocement and the topics for the convention are materials, methods and men, usage of fibres, plasticisers and other construction chemicals in ferrocement, design methods, experimental execution, corrosion resistance property, alternative sand types and their impact on properties and cost, waterproofing with ferrocement especially in coastal areas, field applications, repairs, rehabilitation and retrofitting, standardisation, codification, schedule of rates, rate analyses, innovative concepts, technology transfer and engineering entrepreneurship, ferrocement in future, energy saving and carbon credit, special applications in rural area, precast products of ferrocement and mass scale applications.
Tel: 020-25432643
E-mail: Web:

Concrete Microscopy Course
Delft, Netherlands
24h -28 June, 2013

The Concrete Microscopy Course will cover a host of themes like the history of microscopy, optical microscopy and basic mineralogy, cement chemistry - hydration, concrete durability and quality assessment, electron microscopy (ESEM), specimen preparation, image analysis and stereology and lastly hands-on-deck practical sessions. This course is designed for those who would like to gain insight into concrete microscopy and microstructure. The idea is to introduce optical and electron microscopes as a research tool and present their advantages in characterising the cementitious materials. In addition to microscopy, specimen preparation, image analysis, techniques using photomicrographs for modelling and micromechanical characterisation (nano-indentation) are also covered. There is no prior experience with microscopy required for the course. The CMC is suitable for the civil engineering, material science, geosciences PhD students and industry professionals who are new to the microstructural aspects of cement and concrete.

27 - 28 May, 2013

The IMSA BC Spring AGM, Trade Show and Technical Sessions will be held at the Kelowna Coast Capri Hotel on 27th and 28th May. A meet æn greet on Monday night and a banquet dinner on Tuesday night are included in the $110.00 registration fee. More information can be found on the registration forms below. The IMSA encourages everyone to spread the word about the Trade Show and Technical Sessions as well as the Certification Schools that we are scheduling in conjunction with the show.
Fred Wollin
Phone: 250-469-8702
Web site:

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