External wear liner
External wear liner

External wear liner

Martin Engineering offers EVO® external wear liner that eliminates worker entry into the chute box for safer replacement, easier maintenance and reduced downtime. The external wear liner is placed on the outside, improving skirt-board sealing and preventing spillage. The result is excellent performance with fewer labor hours and a lower cost of ownership.

An external liner can be installed and adjusted faster and easier, without the need for a grinder or torch, through the use of special mounting tabs. Clips for bolting the liner are initially welded in place, but do not require removal when the liner wears out. Since the work is done from the outside, without any grinding sparks or torch flame, the hazard of explosive dust from tool usage is greatly reduced. Replacement liners come in a standard length of 72 inch (1,829 mm), and Martin Engineering uses laser cutting technology to create the complex geometries necessary for a custom fit.

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