Fabric Expansion Joints from Insaplex
Fabric Expansion Joints from Insaplex

Fabric Expansion Joints from Insaplex

Insaplex manufactures fabric expansion joints used in flue gas ducts, process gas, etc., for accommodating movements at medium to high temperature conditions. These bellows are manufactured using different types of raw materials to suit the varied requirements of different customers. With the infrastructure facilities, that are already available with us, coupled with the experience and knowledge in producing various types of rubber and metallic expansion joints, we are confident of meeting the customers´ requirements and satisfying them both technically and commercially.

Insaplex fabric expansion joints (FE joints) are robust highly flexible expansion joints constructed from layers of synthetic cloth embodying a pressure membrane of reinforced PTFE. They are cost effective particularly in low pressure application up to 14.7 PSIG. Insaplex - IPX Joints are a unique combination with sandwiched layers of synthetic cloth, impregnated with different compounds. The layers include PTFE film; a material inert to chemical attack. The layers act together to insulate and contain high temperatures without causing damage to the joint, and are designed for continuous service at temperatures up to 700°C and 1000°C with refractory lining. Insaplex fabric expansion joints are versatile and can be used to absorb a number of movements separately or in combinations. These movements are axial, lateral, angular and torsional. The flexible construction of the joints makes it an ideal solution for noise and for absorbing vibrations.

For trade enquiries contact:
L Suren - Director INSAPLEX
(A unit of IGP Group)
#79, (Old # 29/9), Valmiki Street, Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai 600 041. India
Tel: +91 44 2442 0608, 2442 5639, 2442 5742; Fax: + 91 44 2440 5152.
Email: mktg@insaplex.com
Website: igp-group.com

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