FLSmidth ® MHC Twin Shaft Breaker The ideal crusher for soft and sticky materials
FLSmidth ® MHC Twin Shaft Breaker The ideal crusher for soft and sticky materials

FLSmidth ® MHC Twin Shaft Breaker The ideal crusher for soft and sticky materials

The MHC Twin shaft breaker crushes soft and sticky materials such as marl, clay, shale, coal etc. The breaker comes in two teeth configurations: one for ball mills and one for vertical mills. Each ensures a product size that is optimized for the mill type. The design features offer key benefits that includes:
  • Low specific power consumption
  • Stable and trouble-free operation
  • Minimizes generation of fines and reduces wear
  • Floor-mounted slide rail system facilitates maintenance and inspection
  • Built-in automatic lubrication systems
  • Cleaning teeth arrangement to prevent clogging
  • Easy to install, adjust and maintain
  • Long-life of tooth wear parts
  • Reliable to operate and low maintenance
  • Swift and easy replacement of wear parts
  • Compact design saves installation costs

Low power and low wear
MHC twin shaft breaker consists of a frame and two rotors, which are shafts with toothed discs. On entering the breaker, the raw materials fall on the rotors and are gripped by the teeth and crushed. Specific power consumption remains relatively low due to the cutting action of the teeth. The rotors run at low speed which helps to minimize fines generation and reduces wear on the replaceable parts.

Stable operation
The MHC drive station consists of an electric motor, which transmits power to the reducer via a pulley drive and a fluid coupling. The drive station is designed so that it will start even if large amounts of material are lying on top of the breaker rotors. Replaceable "cleaning teeth" fitted on the inside of the breaker frame prevent any clogging of the rotors. Design configurations of individual motors with VFD is also available for better handling of extreme sticky materials

Maximum protection
If a non-breakable piece of material gets trapped between the rotors, the fluid coupling will start to slip. A speed monitor on the rotor shafts will stop the main motor and send a signal to the CCR. Should this fail for some reason, the oil in the fluid coupling will heat up and activate a mechanical switch. In case this procedure also fails, a melting plug in the fluid coupling will melt (at a higher temperature) and the oil will leave the coupling. The coupling will then no longer transmit torque.

Easy installation, adjustments and maintenance
  • Installation of the breaker is simple. It is transported to site as preassembled unit and is delivered together with the drive station, the grease lubricating unit and the barrel pump.
  • The MHC Twin shaft breaker drive pulleys may be altered to achieve higher throughput or higher torque.
  • Minor adjustments of the output size can be made by altering the synchronization of the two rotors.
  • Automatic lubrication unit provides continuous lubrication to breaker bearings.
  • The condition of the wear parts is easily monitored by taking a glance inside the breaker.
  • Floor mounted slide rail system facilitates maintenance and inspection.
  • Tools and lifting yoke are supplied together with the breaker to facilitate quick and trouble-free maintenance, including replacement of wear parts.
  • Rotor teeth configuration for maximum grip and fine product.

Robust crushing system offering to maximize productivity
FLSmidth MHC crushing system comes with matching Apron Feeders and Chain Scrapers. The Apron Feeder ensures a steady flow of material to the crusher. Two apron feeders can be combined to form a raw material blending system. By positioning two apron feeders perpendicular to each other it is possible to feed the same crusher with two different materials at the same time. This option combines comminution and blending in one installation. The rugged and reliable construction makes FLSmidth Apron Feeder easy to operate and maintain, with minimum attention. The feeders are designed and built to last long with uninterrupted service, year after year.

FLSmidth is pleased to add below the successful performance feedback of our Strike-Bar™¢ crusher featured in ICR Magazine August 2019 edition"

Two high-profile greenfield plants have joined the growing number of producers who are successfully implementing the new FLSmidth® Strike-Bar™¢ Crusher - with high praise for its design and durability. The new plants in Xuan Thanh, Vietnam and El Beida, Algeria have been using the new crusher since it was released last year.

1.Xuan Thanh, Vietnam Strike-Bar™¢ Crusher 200x200 Performance-650 metric tons per hour with a max 5% residue on 30mm sieve
2.El Beida, Algeria
Strike-Bar™¢ Crusher 200x300
Performance - 1300 metric tons per hour with a max 5% residue on 73mm sieve Details available in below link

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: J Raghuraman, Product Line Manager - Material Handling FLSmidth.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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