Giving value for money is a personal responsibility

Giving value for money is a personal responsibility

Jailesh Dalal, Director, Jaycee Buildcon

Effective marketing is essential to build a brand and one cannot afford to go offline for a long time since the success of any advertising campaign depends on having a better brand value, says Jailesh Dalal, Director, Jaycee Buildcon

What are the most crucial aspects of the job?
Smartly branding and marketing a product is the most crucial aspect of the job.

How do you measure the results of your marketing plan?
The result of a marketing plan can be gauged by measuring increase in sales as well as improvement in branding.

Which was your most effective advertisement campaign?
We are in sales of cement and we had introduced a concept called 'Cement Helpline' with credit facilities through ICICI Bank to our customers. For this campaign, we had floated paper advertisement, created good brochures, participated in exhibitions and was well received then in the market.

What are your key consumer related insight that drives the campaigns?
The key consumer related insight driving our campaigns are convenience and ease of purchasing a good quality product.

What do you prefer for your marketing plans - advertising or PR campaigns? Why?
Any advertising campaigns should have a better recall value and should clearly demonstrate the benefits of purchasing the brand.

What is your thought process behind preparation of media plan - online, print, television, hoardings?
Media plan depends on the budgets of the advertising plan. We believe hoardings and television gives a better recall value if budget permits.

What, according to you, is the future of marketing in the cement industry?
Effective marketing is absolutely required to build a brand and retain the same on regular basis. One cannot afford to go offline for a long time.

What do you consider as your personal responsibility and obligation towards the consumer, society at large and to yourself as the creator of influential messaging?
We carry a personal responsibility to project our product in the right manner and give value for money to the end consumer for society at large.

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