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igus' for all

iglidur G1, the new lubrication and maintenance-free plastic bearing. igus has announced development of its improved version of iglidur G.

E very year igus introduces new products; this time igus will showcase control cables with Heavy Duty connectors ready-to-connect from the catalogue. Top quality and Cost-effective. igus offers products from express catalogue, just select right product and in no time it's on your machines. Harnessed chainflex control and power cables with Heavy duty industrial connectors as a premium product for your machine. About 112 harnessed control cables from our catalogue from batch size 1, to your desired length and additional customised, harnessed cables on request. For every application, the most inexpensive cable that is guaranteed to do the job: eight cable qualities.

iglidur G1, the new lubrication and maintenance-free plastic bearing. igus has announced development of its improved version of iglidur G - the iglidur G1. The new material promises to reduce wear rates at low loads (up to 5 MPa) down to levels up to a quarter of what they were before. With this new material, customers can reduce costs by around 40 per cent, the service life under heavy loads has almost been doubled, depending on the application parameters. At the same time, the all-rounder can now be used continuously at temperatures up to 180 degC (iglidur G: 130degC). In conjunction with the more than 50 per cent reduction of moisture absorption, this means that the material is suitable for an even wider range of ambient conditions. Initially, iglidur G1 will be made available in 113 standard dimensions in the form of cylindrical bearings and flange bearings.

More to add we have Motor control system dryve D1, for all igus motors ST, DC, EC/BLDC. This is wide range of automation tasks by simple parameterisation in which no programming is necessary with no software installation or app needed. It is controlled by means of a PC, tablet or smart phone. This can be used for single axes, line, flat linear and room linear robots and delta robots. Stepper (ST), DC and EC/BLDC motors with up to 21A peak currents and 48V. Digital inputs/outputs, analogue inputs, CANopen, Modbus TCP for connection to master control systems such as Siemens or Beckhoff. The advantages of the drylin delta robots are it is Lubrication-free and maintenance-free drylin W toothed belt axis with pick rate of 60/min due to lightweight components made of plastic and aluminum. Its Workspace is up to + 360 mm. This can be used for pick-and-place tasks, such as belt transfer stations, sorting systems, assembly systems, joining processes, handling of small parts and for fast positioning tasks.

In industry, selective laser sintering is currently one of the most widespread manufacturing methods in additive manufacturing. igus is now expanding its 3D printing service with this method, so that wear-resistant prototypes or small batches of components for moving applications can be made quickly, easily and delivered in a short time (at least two weeks). igus offers selective laser sintering (SLS) with wear-resistant high-performance plastics I3-PL in addition to the FDM method. Small batches of up to 500 parts made of iglidur I3-PL can now be printed. Components that has complex geometries but now can be made quickly and at low cost.

Bus cable (PUR), chainflex CFROBOT8.PLUS are world premier 360+ degree on robots. They have 10 million double strokes guaranteed, 10Xd bend radius, e-chain with 3D movements as its travel distance. This is best for torsion applications with PUR jacket, shielded with advantages of oil resistance and coolant resistance, flame retardant, notch resistance and most important hydrolysis and microbe resistant. igus ibow adapter (MAT904104175) is suitable for 923 power connectors, size 1 can be retrofitted for an angle of 90 degree or supplied ready-made as a harnessed igus readychain. This is secure, flexible, cost effective and customised.

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