Improved productivity, impressive performance
Improved productivity, impressive performance

Improved productivity, impressive performance

The new Hydraulic Roller Press offered by FLSmidth is a perfect solution for high performance at optimal cost.
FLSmidth´s new Hydraulic Roller Press (HRP) concept together with TRIBOMAX®- the unique wear protection solution, has gained increased momentum recently, as it has been designed to eliminate the complexity in installation and maintenance. A solution that offers high performance at optimal cost is the need of the hour in the industry. FLSmidth´s new HRP concept has proven to overcome few of the critical challenges faced by the cement plants, today. As the improved HRP system comes with an efficient design and other noticeable improvements in terms of performance, reliability, operations and maintenance, it has demonstrated global level of success in a short span of time.

FLSmidth´s Hydraulic Roller Press is highly suitable for both new installations and upgrades. TRIBOMAX®ear surface is unique and extremely tough with a long lifecycle, requiring no repair. TRIBOMAX®wear surface guarantees a wear life of minimum 25,000 hours upto 40,000 hours for clinker grinding.

Within a short span, both products have caught the attention of Greenfield, Brownfield and Upgrade projects worldwide.

We have a strong reference of total 105 HRP systems sold worldwide ever since its inception and our first sale in 1986.

We would like to share a few updates on our current Hydraulic Roller Press and TRIBOMAX® wear surface references with you here. Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Heidelberg group), California orders HRP with TRIBOMAX® wear surface.

Lehigh Southwest Cement Company (Heidelberg Group) ordered an HRP pre-grinding system including TRIBOMAX® wear surface to upgrade their existing Cement mill system capacity at their plant in California, USA.

FLSmidth´s scope of supply includes system engineering, a new clinker bin, roller press HRP-C 1.25 with its auxiliaries, weigh feeder, set of belt conveyors, nuisance filters, bucket elevators and new electrical room for this circuit on an EPC basis.

HRP grinding system for Khyber Cement, India
At 1900 meters above the sea level, FLSmidth has achieved its Performance Guarantee for the upgrade of the cement grinding system with HRP in pre-grinding mode in Khyber Cements, Kashmir ´ India.

The system started performing noticeably well above the guaranteed performance within a week of commissioning the project on 29th January 2016. The upgraded system delivers 36% higher production and consumes 15% less power. It is one of the fastest upgrade projects to stabilize the system and establish the performance.

HRP grinding system for Asian Concretes & Cements, India
Asian Fine Cements Private Limited, a group company of Asian Concretes & Cements Private Limited (a joint venture company with equity participation with ACC Limited, a Lafarge Holcim group) has ordered an HRP grinding system.

Asian Concretes & Cements has ordered a new semi-finish clinker grinding HRP system with a top-fed ROKS-H separator and the latest C-RPGS static separator. The C-RPGS static separator reduces the height of the building, strengthening the product value and customer benefits. The system is designed to produce 190 TPH (PPC) at 3800 Blaine.

HRP grinding system for Kanodia Cement, India
Kanodia Cement has placed an order for HRP system for their clinker grinding plant located in Bihar, India. Impressed with the new HRP system´s concept, Kanodia Cement chose it for increasing capacity and reduction of energy consumption. The HRP system will help fulfil the customer´s requirement of 170 TPH (PPC) at 3600 Blaine and includes engineering for the complete system and supply of HRP, Top fed ROKS-H Dynamic Separator, C-RPGS Static separator and a few auxiliary equipment. Commissioning is scheduled in fourth quarter of 2016.

Another order for TRIBOMAX® wear surface in India
One of the leading cement manufacturers of India has placed an order with FLSmidth for TRIBOMAX® wear solution for their roller press. The order includes engineering and supply of the TRIBOMAX® surface sleeve over the existing roller as a shrink fit solution.

2 TRIBOMAX® wear solutions for a cement manufacturer in Thailand Two TRIBOMAX® wear solutions have been supplied by FLSmidth to one of the leading cement manufacturers of Thailand for their two roller presses, out of which one is a Fuller (now FLSmidth) roller press.

Authored by Avanish Karrahe, Global Product Line Manager - Roller Press, FLSmidth Private Limited, India

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