Innovative air pollution control

Innovative air pollution control

CataMax- catalytic solution is a new solution from FLSmidth that offers an economical, air pollution control system to reduce emissions. It combines FLSmidth´s process knowhow and the newest technologies in air pollution control. FLSmidth has developed this solution to dramatically improve the removal of Total Hydrocarbon (THC) emissions and other flue gas components from cement plants.

The heart of the solution is a traditional bag filter; both dust and harmful gases are removed from the flue gas in a single step by porous ceramic elements. This is really the key feature of the CataMax- solution. Dirty gas and dust from outside the ceramic elements are sucked in through the filter through the porous layer. The dust is removed by pulsed, pressurised air. But the harmful gases are trapped and removed in the matrix of the ceramics via a specially designed catalyst that converts and removes THC and NOX emissions, which originate from the raw materials and the combustion process.

Alternative THC removal methods consume huge amounts of energy compared to the energy efficient CataMax-´ catalytic solution. The CataMax- catalytic solution does not replace a plant´s main filter, it is an add-on that FLSmidth installs, for example during a regular maintenance shutdown This high HAP removal efficiency allows cement plants to easily stay within emission limits.

The CataMax- catalytic solutions allows cement plants to stay ahead of regulations.


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