Insmart's cost-effective sampling solutions
Insmart's cost-effective sampling solutions

Insmart's cost-effective sampling solutions

With Insmart automatic sampling systems, hourly/half hourly representative sample collection for correct time period and frequency is essential, and is possible only with automation in sampling transportation.

Established more than two and a half decades ago with market leadership in bulk commodity sample collection and preparation for analysis and characterisation, Insmart Systems [today] has created its niche in the field of sampling sciences and is known for sampling automation. It is well known in the industry as an indigenous (practicing Make in India since 1993) manufacturer of state-of-the-art-equipment for various sampling and analysis needs in bulk commodities like limestone, coal, iron ore and other bulk material used in cement, iron and steel, aluminum, zinc, copper, mining and mineral industries.

Key business areas
Today, Insmart Systems offers a wide range of sampling solutions like automatic sample collection systems, automatic sample transportation systems, and turnkey sample preparation laboratories for cement plants, robotic labs for cement and steel plants, containerised labs, conventional standalone sample preparation systems, mineral beneficiation labs and many more.

Insmart Systems offer reliable sample collection to sample analysis solutions for every stage of cement manufacturing right from the quarrying to packaged product stage.

Insmart Systems have developed the expertise to automate the old cement and steel plant for their quality assurance needs to produce the constant higher quality product.

Over the decades, Insmart systems-under the aegis of its Managing Director, RK Bisen-has endeavored to ensure a seamless, trouble-free implementation of quality assurance systems that integrate into overall cement manufacturing process. The company's commitment is to provide the best project management services in the industry.

Insmart's association with cement plants
Insmart has been successfully offering:

"Backed by its indigenous designs and time-tested services, Insmart has been offering the cost-effective sampling solutions to more than 202 cement plants in India "Insmart today enjoys a collaborative, team-based approach with its customers "Insmart's commitment to quality is widespread and its in-house sampling equipment manufacturing and comprehensive sourcing support base has helped the company introduce three to four new products on a year-on-year basis "R&D: Cube making automatic up to assessing the cold crushing strength of cubes and production of repor Generally, it is conceived that the old cement and steel plant cannot be automated in the field of quality assurance system and Insmart has been able to break the perception. On the analysis front, Insmart Systems" turnkey labs for physical and wet chemical labs provide a sequential analysis of the produced cement and helps ascertain the quality of produce. This ensures better quality cement reaches market.

Timely, man-less, quick, repeat accuracies provided by Insmart Systems - turnkey sampling solutions have tremendously helped cement and clinker process plants enhance their operational efficiencies and increase their production and reduce their energy costs. In the present scenario, lab automation is essential for any cement plant with more than 1 million MT capacities.

For manufacture of superior cement, good quality of clinker is needed. To manufacture a good clinker, the kiln feed needs to be operated with high consistency and with minimum deviations or low standard deviations in chemical parameters. Similarly, in order to get high productivity, low specific heat consumption and low power consumption should be attained. Insmart Systems' sampling automation solutions like automated cross belt samples for limestone sample collection and in-process samplers like continuously sampling and homogenising units. These key factors are easily achievable with auto labs and are poised to increase overall cement plant productivity with profitability.

Cement making is a pyro process and optimum utilisation of the energy resources is paramount for the profitability of the cement plants.

Insmart lab automation solutions have been helping the cement plants in achieving:

  • Minimum quality deviations
  • Lowest KCal/kg of clinker
  • Higher production level
  • High reliability factor for kiln, uniform granulometry of clinker
  • Optimum power consumption for clinkerisation and milling
  • Optimum free-lime with lowest possible litre weights
  • Ideal and soft clinker morphology for the efficient possible finish grinding
  • Saving of high grade limestone
  • Improve the mines life, improvement in PI/ fly ash consumption
  • Reduction of manpower from hazards during manual sample collection
  • Preparation and analysis, good customer rating due to consistent cement quality
  • Raw meal proportionating, enhancing material balancing and production
  • Balancing the variations in the limestone and additives composition in an earlier process phase and control of subsequent factors needs continuous control. With Insmart, raw meal samplers with continuous sampling of raw meal streams and homogenisation of the collected sample the customers have ascertain low variations in raw meal fineness, and control the physical and chemical parameters in terms of residues on 90 microns and maintaining the standard deviation of raw meal quality parameters within the defined range.

    With Insmart automatic sampling systems, hourly/half hourly representative sample collection for correct time period and frequency is essential and is possible only with automation in sampling transportation, and analysis for fast corrective action of raw mix-within 10 mins-results in consistency in material quality and drastic reduction in standard deduction in all control parameters e.g. silica modulus, lime saturation factors, alumina modulus and achieve targets values within six to eight hours.

    In the absence of any such automation sampling, transportation, analysis and corrective actions of raw mix would take more than 40 mins. The representativeness of the manually collected sample may not the representing the period of collection (error of manual collection). Resulting in inconsistencies in raw meal quality parameters and high standard deviation and achieve target values in 16-20 hours or more time.

    General delay due to manual sample collection, transportation, preparation and analysis are known to increase the operators- reaction time by 30 to 40 mins for control of free lime in clinker.

    Here auto packing of automatically collected sample ensures time and location stamping of the samples and supports the sample traceability to the minutest details. Insmart auto sample transportation network guarantees swift and quick sample transportation of all site samples of raw meal, kiln feed, clinker, cement mill discharge, packing region to the auto labs. Thus, samples reach auto lab in no time and are location and time specific.

    Another advancement introduced by Insmart systems in clinker sampling has been consistently helping cement plants in bringing consistency in clinker quality management. With the help of sampling automation, the cement manufacturing units have been able to produce clinker with increased quality and increased production. Truly representative sample collection from the grate cooler discharge and timely corrective action also leads to reduction in specific heat consumption (approximately 10 kCal per kg of clinker), i.e., low fuel consumption.

    Reduction in clinker specific heat consumption due to consistency in kiln operation could lead to a reduction in coal consumption of approximately 2,096 MT of coal per year.

    Another important aspect of sampling automation is auto sampling and integration of automatically collected sample with automatic sample transportation and analysis. Insmart Systems provided sampling automation facilitates corrective action within six minutes; in case of manual sample collection, the same will take 20-25 mins for correction.

    Thus, hourly monitoring of composite samples of cement mill provides ample possibilities to increase the fly ash/slag percentage in the cement milling process. This tool can be aggressively used to improve the profitability up to five to six per cent.

    Another parameter for cement is fineness. If we ground the cement more than the required fineness, it is a loss of productivity and energy consumption. Hence monitoring of cement samples on hourly basis at right time and fast analysis will improve the quality and productivity, and Insmart systems integrated onsite sampling solutions have been helping cement plants meet this feat and improve quality and increase productivity.

    Once considered waste products, alternative fuels are now being considered as valuable fuel resources. Carbon fuel such as residues, wastes or biomass in solid or semi solid form are becoming increasingly important as our country strives to reduce its carbon emissions and its dependency on fossil fuels as well as overcoming waste disposal challenges.

    Here, cement plants efforts for creating new facilities to process AFR is laudable. Insmart is fully aware of the importance of alternative fuel sources and is proud to involve with the customer move. The company has experienced engineers and state-of-the-art equipment manufacturing facility to support the growing demand for sampling of alternate fuels.

    As cement plants start using alternative fuels, they make new stocks ready for calciner firing. Given the heterogeneity of alternate fuels there is a constant need to inspect quality of these supplies by assessing the calorific values, moisture, volatile and ash content, metallic aluminium, determination of H, C, and N content, etc... This is to be completed by taking representative samples at periodic intervals.

    Thus, Insmart Systems has developed automatic sampling of alternative fuel material and adopt asample collection system that provides representative samples from a moving belt. Insmart Systems full bed collection system is able to collect samples from the entire cross section of the belt conveyor, thus facilitating a full bed sample analysis for all types of residue, wastes biomass in semi solid, pasty and liquid forms in a safe manner.

    Given the fact that in every cement plant 100s of similar looking sample are collected and processed on a daily basis, processing them in a time bound error-free manner has been a challenging feet for the QA manager. Insmart systems ultimate solution insampling automation has been their indigenously developed robotic sample preparation labs.

    Insmart has been successful in converting all the lab sample preparation processes to robotic automation. It has been able to robotise all the processes that are composed of repetitive movements like picking and placing of sample during various stages of sample preparation, material feeding and removal, location cleaning and dust extraction to avoid cross contamination, material transfer, testing, etc.

    Insmart has been able to provide its customers the most significant advantages of robotic labs by providing high speed operation, high process efficiency, and minimal wastage, and task reproducibility, strict adherence to set sampling process norms, high productivity and improved safety for laboratory personnel. Insmart robotic labs are high speed sampling system integrators where the integrate sample crushing, sample grinding, particle size analysis and elemental analysis in a sequential manner. Thus, the sample quality results have been fast and reliable. Industry too has recognized, and over the years, Insmart has received many awards for its innovative product designs and reliability of its products.

    Insmart has received some of the most prestigious awards like...

  • Bharat Vikas Award by International Business Council
  • Atomic Minerals Directorate Award
  • Small Scale Entrepreneur of the Year Award by Hyderabad Management Association
  • Minerals Metals Metallurgy & Materials Award
  • Society for Technologically Advanced Materials Award for Indigenization of Hitech equipment for scientific research
  • International Mineral Processing Congress Award for Design & Concept Today a marvel of indigenous designs, hands on experience and human accomplishment illuminates the path and a new era of engineering solutions and commerce is ushered with celebrations and lot of foresight.
  • ABOUT THE AUTHOR: The article is authored by R. K. Bisen, Managing Director of insmart Systems, Hydrabad.

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