Latest developments in FLSmidth Pyro process technology
Latest developments in FLSmidth Pyro process technology

Latest developments in FLSmidth Pyro process technology

New pyro process technologies from FLSmidth are helping to maximise productivity and plant operational efficiency for today's cement producers.

As cement producers are continually looking to improve the plant performance, many are seeing the advantages of making upgrades in the production process. In particular, preheater top stage cyclone, kiln burner, clinker cooler replacements are highly attractive, providing compelling reasons for retrofits and upgrades.

Next-gen Top stage cyclone - CCX
FLSmidth's new Counter Current Cyclone (CCX) delivers cement plant owners greater opportunities to boost production capabilities and improve their plant operations. CCX is a ground-breaking technology designed to make the preheater process economical and set the standard for today and tomorrow.

Several innovative design features like raw meal feed to top of the cyclone, rotating spreader, combined heat exchange and separation, light weight lining, upward facing central pipe, bottom gas outlet, etc. contribute significantly to its outstanding performance.

These unique design features ultimately lead to a sustainable productivity enhancement in existing as well as new plants.

FLSmidth JETFLEX® burner -
A revolutionary kiln burner

FLSmidth JETFLEX® burner is the development of a new revolutionary burner to satisfy the changes imposed by the market in burner technology and meet diverse needs of cement industry which includes fuel flexibility, superior combustion, outstanding heat and energy efficiency, lower % primary air, NOx emissions, long refractory life, etc.

The innovative design features like Rectangular Jet air nozzles and Swirler, central and common fuel channel, common blower for Axial and Swirl air, replaceable burner tip, lower pressure drop, longer fuel retention time, fuel rich flame core, etc. contribute significantly to an optimum performance.

These unique design features provide efficient fuel combustion, superior flame shaping capabilities and stable flame formation, which ultimately ensures stable burning zone conditions and high clinker quality in existing as well as new plants.

FLSmidth Cross-Bar® Cooler - Setting the latest standard
The FLSmidth Cross-bar® cooler represents the latest evolution in clinker cooling technology. As a result of FLSmidth's continued R&D efforts as well as on-site experience, a state-of-the art cooler was unleashed representing the highest standard in clinker cooling technology.

The fundamental design features like Air Blast Controlled (ABC) Inlet, self-adjusting mechanical flow regulators, stationary seal grate line, separate clinker conveying and cooling systems, horizontal construction, modular concept play a key role in superior plant performance.

The FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler makes use of the company's advanced clinker cooling technology and has been implemented in cement plants around the world, helping cement producers to eliminate bottlenecks in production and improve the overall efficiency of the pyro processing system.

A Full Flow sheet provider
FLSmidth has successfully delivered solutions to the demands of cement plant owners for productivity enhancement, cost-efficiency and fast payback on their investments. Through the years, different customer focused solutions have been developed depending on the specific needs of the cement industry.

FLSmidth delivers maximum value to cement producers through the practical application of innovative technologies. Applying innovative technologies to achieve energy-efficient pyro processing system is a key enabler to increase production and reduce operating costs.

Making the best even better
FLSmidth Counter Current Cyclone's (CCX) several design features contribute significantly to achieve an outstanding performance and meet industry requirements like reliability, efficiency (power and heat) and low installation cost.

FLSmidth JETFLEX® Burner's design features offer reliability, energy efficiency, fuel flexibility and low emissions.

FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler's design features have made it possible to meet customer demands like reduced vent losses, maximised recuperation efficiency, and improved WHRS generation.


Author: G Renga Prasad, Product Line Manager-Pyro, FLSmidth.
(Communication by the management of the company)
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