Organisational Growth

Organisational Growth

Keeping employees fully motivated and sustaining the growth of the organisation, is as essential as the business itself. Here is a roadmap of growth which can successfully work if all aspects are taken care of.

A large percentage of people come to work to do something important and always try hard to achieve their target of performance. If an organisation desires to make use of all such efforts, it has to provide a performing work culture and climate. Employees have to be trusted otherwise why would they trust the organisation? Trust is a reciprocal system like respect. A culture has to be created wherein every employee feels important and recognised. The entire team is to be accountable for success and failure and this can only happen when a mechanism of evaluation of efforts is in place.

Transparency and team-building
Sharing business plan and its status transparently build trust and a sense of belonging. One man's efforts cannot build the organization; it is strong and experienced teamwork which make the organisation. Everyone is equally important and valuable to ensure sustaining growth of the organisation or business. The leader's success will depend upon his capability of nurturing and taking along the teams. He/she should have the ability to see the potential in every person and provide them with a place where their potential can be utilised for the success of the organisation.

Paradigm shift
To transform business, one need a complete paradigm shift; here, the hand- holding culture is essential for performance management. One may be a good performer but results will never come till one helps others improve. Teams have to align themselves and thrive for targets with the continued guidance of leaders. To continue to be on the path of success, all need to make united efforts and have to perform for the organisational mission and not for the individual. Individual growth can be possible only when there is sustainable growth of both the teams and the organisation they work in.

Continous learning
Once learning stops, growth comes to a halt, hence the learning culture is an essence of business growth, even as systems and technology keep upgrading as per international requirements. To inculcate motivation, a slogan like 'We will win together' needs to be built into the business vision and action plan. Self- motivation is the right tool for performance improvement.

A negative attitude needs to be converted into a positive one by continuous counselling and review. This can happen in a participative management system where everyone concerned is involved in decision- making and an autocratic system is eradicated.

Organisational values
Good ideas should be appreciated. Homogeneity in culture strengthens personal relationships of people, which ultimately encourage them to do great things. Focus need to be on commitments and organisational values. Leadership is not an ego game; it is something which leads to the core objective of the business. Great leaders priorities purpose and never their own egos. No business can survive and grow unless it believes and acts on discipline, productivity and profitability. For this, an organisation has to select and place the right people and encourage them to take decisions and work for it.

5S system
The Japanese 5S system was introduced has yielded good results. This is a system whereby every employee is concerned about a clean and systematic workplace. An audit team checks all the concerned departments for implementation of the 5S system. Awards for its implementation have been introduced to motivate everyone to follow it. Now the company is planning to get accreditation for integrated management system comprising ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and ISO 18000. A technical library with of over 3, 000 books, periodicals and magazines is in place to feed the continual need for learning in the company.

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