Our USP is quality

Our USP is quality

Amit Popatwala, Director - Sales and Marketing, WAM India

Being the proficient manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of premium of engineering equipment the products of WAM India are widely appreciated for durability, high performance, optimum quality and energy efficiency and minimum cost. Amit Popatwala, Director, Sales and Marketing, WAM India talks to ICR about the marketing strategies of the company.

What is the consumer insight that drives any of your campaign?
Our campaigns basically cater to the construction, glass, cement, detergents, food, plastics, chemicals and power to name a few. Actually all the industries, which have to handle powder in bulk quantity, they are our customers/potential customers, as we specialise in providing solutions right from debagging of raw materials to bagging of finished products.

To which areas you give more importance, PR Campaigns or ad campaigns?
While entering new sector/area, we give more importance to the ad campaigns since the reach is much faster and wider as compared to the PR campaigns. Subsequently, our product and services itself acts as PR campaign for us.

What is the actual thought process that goes behind creating media plans that would actually help you to serve business better be it online, print or boards?
We believe that hoardings will not cater to our target audience hence we prefer the online and the print medium to reach out our audiences, since the USP of the company is "Best Quality at Minimum costö and has to be highlighted in our campaigns.

What is your duty or your responsibility towards customers and yourself being a marketing professional?
Our responsibility towards customers is to provide them right solution to their problems. Providing the correct equipment to suit the user's needs, we feel is our prime responsibility.

How do you handle after sales complaints?
Generally, before supplying we ensure our product is suitable for the application and thereby avoid any failure issues. Still, if there are issues it is important for us and we try to resolve it at topmost priority. We strongly believe that the customer should not face a production loss because of failure of our equipment, thus the complaints are addressed within 24 hours. Once the complaint is received, we first try to fix the problem then try to ascertain the reasons of the failure. Was it because of wrong selection or whether wrong application details given by the customer or whatever it is. Priority is to solve the problem.

Does your marketing and sales strategy involve direct selling and talking to consumers?
As per global policy of our group, we prefer to sell through OEM's, service providers and dealers. But unfortunately in India in all sectors except construction sectors there are no major OEM's and hence we are left only with a forceful approach, maybe.

"Our campaigns basically cater to the construction, glass, cement, detergents, food, and power."

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