Process controller - expert control and supervision platform

Process controller - expert control and supervision platform

FLSmidth A/S offers expert control and supervision platform (ECS), which is an advanced software platform that compiles critical process information, allowing decision makers to adjust production objectives and optimise efficiency and profitability. It is available with features such as hardware independence, scalability, powerful I/O handling, advanced trending, proven security and an integrated engineering centre.

ECS consists of ECS/ControlCenter, which elevates the conventional control system to include advanced graphics and features specifically aimed at the cement & minerals industries. It also comprises an insight center, I/O center, security center and engineering center. The ECS/ControlCenter is the complete solution for any cement and minerals processing plant. Incorporating FLSmidth's proven libraries and standards, ECS/ControlCenter delivers efficient process overview, process control and process troubleshooting analysis.

ECS/ProcessExpert is an advanced process control for cement and minerals applications consisting of a sophisticated toolbox and specialised application modules. It comes with built-in leading-edge technologies such as MPC and Fuzzy Logic. ECS/PlantGuide's data collection engine ensures consistent quality of data collection. Reports and analysis can be generated in a variety of formats to suit management demands. ECS/PlantGuide is ideal for onsite use and for corporate reporting where data from geographically separate plants is required. The infrared kiln scanner measures kiln surface temperature and provide 3D graphical visualisation of internal operational conditions. The kiln gas analysis is designed to safeguard production, and the gas analyser helps to comply with emission standards, optimise fuel consumption and improve kiln and cooler lining life.

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