SF<sup>TM</sup>Cross-Bar<sup>&#174;</sup> cooler upgrade
SF<sup>TM</sup>Cross-Bar<sup>&#174;</sup> cooler upgrade

SFTMCross-Bar® cooler upgrade

cooler upgrade from FLSmidth is helping cement producers maximise productivity and improve the operational efficiency of their plants.

With more than 20 years operating experience, SFTMCross-Bar® cooler is considered as proven product and has revolutionized the way in which clinker coolers were installed, operated and maintained.

The increasing demand for productivity enhancement and operational excellence during high cooler loading, drive the need for newer concept in cooler technology. FLSmidth's Cross-Bar® cooler is well-proven in the market to handle a variety of kiln operating conditions, from small clinker production up to the largest plants today in operation.

Why SFTM Cooler upgrade SFTMCross-Bar® cooler upgrades are highly attractive, providing compelling reasons for retrofits and upgrades - proven from a capacity, control and wear stand point. Increased clinker transport capabilities, production boost, better control of the clinker bed even under heavily loaded conditions, reduced power consumption and increased wear parts life are key highlights with this upgrade.

As a result of petcoke and alternative fuel usage, some plants experience reduced stability in the kiln operations and a general consequence is that the clinker out of the kiln becomes dustier and the risk of snowman formations on the fixed inlet increases. To overcome these problems, it requires an effective countermeasure against the snowman and adjustments of the cooler operation. The good news is that with the effectiveness of the ABC Inlet, the flexibility of converting SFTM cooler to the latest Cross-Bar® cooler and replacing the original grate with the New Wave grate design, paves the way to faster payback of investment and achieve life cycle benefits.

An advance in technology
FLSmidth's approach is to have thorough review of all existing pyro equipment from both mechanical and process perspective before making a recommendation and ensure optimum results.

ABC Inlet
Air Blast Controlled (ABC) Inlet prevents the formation of snowman and gives an optimal start to the cooling process with a more uniform layer. MFR cooling process is supplemented by an air blast release directly to the grates and the clinker bed. It eliminates snowman and prevents dead zones where the traditional blasters can't reach. It also ensures uniform clinker distribution. ABC inlet can be fitted on to the existing SF Cooler as well as any grate coolers.

SFTM Cross-Bar® cooler upgrade
The upgrade is achieved with most of the parts untouched, essentially only requiring a change in cross bars and hydraulic system.

The key change involves an upgraded transport mechanism. From an existing SF cooler, all the existing cross bars are removed and new cross bar elements that are all movable will be installed. Together with some minor hydraulic system and PLC programming changes, the upgrade is quickly carried out, depending on the cooler size.

Impressive operating results: The SFTM Cross-Bar® cooler upgrade was implemented and working satisfactorily in Vasavadatta Cement Unit 3/4, Gulbarga, Karnataka since year 2013 and some of the results are indicated below:

Diverse customers worldwide having SF cooler have benefited through this upgrade which is easier / faster to implement and provide impressive benefits.

New wave grate
Cement plant operators around the world know the importance of keeping maintenance time and costs to a minimum. For plants with an SF Cross-Bar cooler there is now a new type of grate available for upgrade.

Reduce power consumption: The design of the Wave Grate reduces airflow resistance through the grate, which results in a significant reduction in pressure drop there by reduction in power consumption of cooler fans and efficient cooler operation.

Save maintenance costs and time: The two-piece grate design helps that the upper part of the grate can be removed, making it easy to clean inside the grate if needed.

The upper Wave Grate with wear strips is the only wear part that needs replacement and has increased wear life. To change the upper Wave Grate, access the bolts from above the cooler grate line. This is an advantage compared to the original grate, where access from both the top and bottom of the grate line is needed.

Great can still get better
A surprisingly simple upgrade is done to convert an existing SF cooler to the FLSmidth's Cross-Bar® cooler. This unique cooler upgrade meets all current challenges and ultimately leads to sustainable productivity enhancement.

Cement producers choose to implement innovative upgrades like adding an ABC Inlet, SF Cooler upgrade, Wave grate so as to maximise plant productivity, increase operational efficiency and lower operational cost which ultimately keeps them productive today and tomorrow.

Key benefits:

  • No snowman
  • Improved heat recuperation
  • Increased availability
  • Better operational control
  • Fast and simple installation

Customer experienced benefits:

  • Reduced Snowman formation
  • Increased transport efficiency
  • Reduced maintenance cost
  • Reduced down time
  • Improved wear life

Key benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased grate wear life
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fast and Simple Installation

Bundled benefits of ABC Inlet +
SF Cooler Upgrade + Wave grate:

  • Greater throughput
  • Increased transport efficiency
  • Fast and simple installation
  • Lower operating cost (Fuel+Power+Maintenance)
  • Faster payback of investment
  • Low total cost of ownership

Author: Ram Kumar Sridharan, Product Line Manager, FLSmidth.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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