Star Cement uses River Route to Export Clinker

Star Cement uses River Route to Export Clinker

North-east India's leading cement manufacturing company, Star Cement, recently exported clinker to Bangladesh through a river route. On 10 August, the company dispatched its first barge of clinker to Bangladesh by the riverine route.

The company believes that the river route is commercially more viable than other alternatives. Thus, Star Cement has become the first Indian cement manufacturer to opt for the riverine route to export clinker. The company is aiming to export over 50,000 tonnes of clinker to Bangladesh every month using the river route. Exporting clinker to Bangladesh by the river will give an edge to the company over its competitors from south-east Asian countries. The company is collaborating with several leading cement manufacturers of Bangladesh to meet their clinker requirements.

In Bangladesh, the annual demand of clinker is about 10 milliontones (mostly imported) which is contributed to the fact o01f non availability of raw material like lime stone. First barge of clinker being dispatched.

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