Synthetic Lubes Seminar
Synthetic Lubes Seminar

Synthetic Lubes Seminar

The second edition of the National Synthetic Lubes seminar reinforces technological superiority in synthetic lubricants.
Following the success of the first National Synthetic Lubes Seminar, Shell Lubricants, the global market leader in finished lubricants organised the second edition of the seminar to showcase Shell Lubricants technological superiority in synthetic lubricants. The event brought together OEMs, customers and industry experts at one platform to discuss the latest developments and trends in the industry along with addressing the challenges. The forum provided an opportunity for the participants to discuss their lubrication challenges and requirements. The key trends discussed were GTL Technology, Synthetic Technology in Open Gear Lubrication, Synthetic Gear Oil Technologies, Technology trends in gearbox maintenance and lubricant practices etc.

Speaking on the occasion, Nitin Prasad, Managing Director, Shell Lubricants, Shell India said, ´At Shell Lubricants India, our focus has always been to provide our valuable patrons with solutions that help improve performance, productivity and profits. Our product innovation is put to work by our world-renowned industry specialists who create the world´s best performing solutions. As a part of this seminar, we aim to provide a platform that allows our experts to showcase solutions that suit our customer´s needs, ensuring that the growth is uninterrupted.´

Akhil Jha, Vice President Technical (Lubricants), Shell India Markets said, ´Shell continually strives to develop technology leading products and services that help meet deadlines, reduce operational costs and maximise equipment availability. We are investing enormously on R&D to develop market leading products and solutions for our OEMs and customers across sectors. The focus for this year was GTL Technology, Greases and Gear oils.

Felix Guerzoni, Shell Global Product Application Specialist said, ´Innovation, Product Application and technical partnerships are at the heart of Shell Lubricants. We work closely with the customers and pride ourselves of finding practical solutions to the challenges they face. We are committed to develop & provide next generation of lubricants that will deliver improved energy efficiency for our customers without compromising protection.´

Shell synthetic lubricants are a smart investment. They are made of newly created molecules, which are designed to meet demanding specifications. Their structure is closely controlled to help provide the superior performance and properties, such as extra-long oil life and reduced fluid friction, required to lubricate today´s advanced industrial machinery efficiently. Shell synthetic lubricants can help to safeguard capital investment by protecting the equipment from wear and corrosion, even under the most severe conditions. They also offer the longest life oils and greases in the Shell range. Extending lubricant life saves money by cutting maintenance costs and reducing product and energy consumption. The synthetic product portfolio includes the range of Shell Tellus, Shell Omala, Shell Corena and Shell Turbine oil (Shell Turbo) in Fluids and the Greases from Shell Gadus range.

The first edition of the seminar was well received by 120 participants comprising Shell Lubricants´ customers, prospects & OEMs from different industrial sectors including gear box manufacturer, process industry like cement plants, steel, mining, auto components etc. The key participants attending the seminar were Adani Power, Bhushan Steel, John Deere, Thermax, Ultratech Cements, etc. The sessions covered prevalent topics like the need of synthetic lubricants, energy challenges, technology, product applications followed by a panel discussion. The quality of sessions held and the experience provided was appreciated by the attendees.

To further strengthen Shell Lubricants´ partnerships with its customers and OEMs in India, Shell Lubricants plans to continue with this initiative next year.

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