Titan D VSI ball mills

Titan D VSI ball mills

Pregrinding of raw limestone or clinker at cement plants can count for more than 50% of total expenses for cement production. The productivity of any cement plant is limited by the productive capacity of a ball mill which is grinding clinker. Ball mill grinding, being the most expensive stage, is the narrowest place in the technological chain of cement production.

VSI crushers (vertical shaft impactors) are based on the impact principle of destruction of pieces, colliding at a great speed with a still barrier. This type of destruction which crushes more friable parts of material (destruction along micros, cleavage planes and composition surfaces), is more rational as compared with compression destruction. Energy consumption for fine crushing of the raw material and clinker at VSI crushers is considerably lower than at traditional mills because the greatest part of the energy expended is directed towards the material and not towards moving of a working tool.

One of the most well-known VSI brands throughout Russia and CIS countries is Titan D VSI crusher, manufactured by New Technologies Company. Due to patented air support bearing it has some unique advantages compared with analogue crusher of USA and Europe origin. Analogue crushers like Barmac have average rotor tip speed (impact speed) about 40-45 m/sec which generally allows obtaining the same 20-25 mm fraction which cone crushers can give. Titan D reaches impact speed up to 80-100 m/sec; such speed gives finished product size of 2-5 mm and less, while maximum feed size reaches 70 mm. In fact the size of the finished product is limited not so much by the crusher capacity as by the productivity of a screen which is used with the crusher.

Installation of Titan D VSI crusher for clinker size reduction allows reducing ball mill feed from 70 to 2-5 mm. Due to this, the productivity of the mills may be increased by 30-40%. At the same time specific production expenses decrease, which allows cut the cost price of the final product.
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