Ultimate experience with FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler
Ultimate experience with FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler

Ultimate experience with FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler

Setting the standards for unparalleled performance with a combination of reliability, highest efficiency and low maintenance.

Being the latest evolution and possessing advanced clinker cooling technology, FLSmidth Cross-Bar® is worth considering if would like to eliminate bottlenecks, increase capacity and/or availability, decrease operating costs, no fall through of clinker where more than 350 customers have realised its benefits, globally. Unlike other cooler designs, the FLSmidth® Cross-Bar® cooler separates the clinker conveying and air cooling systems. Reciprocating bars fitted above the stationary air distribution system, effectively convey, mix and shear and prepare the clinker for efficient exposure to the cooling air. Each air distribution plate in the FLSmidth® Cross-Bar® Cooler is equipped with an MFR to ensure continuous airflow regulation and optimise heat recuperation.

Air Blast Controlled (ABC) Inlet prevents the formation of snowman and gives an optimal start to the cooling process with a uniform layer. MFR cooling process in the inlet is supplemented by an air blast release directly to the grates and the clinker bed. Cooler is so flexible that stroke length across each lane can be varied by which equal distribution of clinker across cooler width can be obtained. It is possible to prevent red rivers by shaping the clinker bed by varying the stroke length of the drives in the sides. This will result in preventing ditches in the sides where hot dust can run. FLSmidth has pioneered the development of WHRS via Cross-Bar® cooler- through supplying more heat to the WHRS boiler - by using innovative cooler concepts such as hot air recirculation from the stack. WHRS can be integrated in the new coolers or retrofit. Any FLSmidth cooler can be upgraded to include hot air recirculation, which can be partial or 100 per cent recirculation depending on the project specific needs. In India, JK Cement, Mangrol is having FLSmidth WHRS system in action.

Cross-bar cooler upgrades
FLSmidth Cross-Bar® cooler is ideal choice for inbox / full / partial replacement. Inbox replacement: The modular construction of CB unit has helped in making retrofit option easier to install and is successful. The modular construction helps in ease of lifting and shifting into existing equipment/building space constraint and eases the erection activity. UltraTech-Grasim south and Awarpur plant, Jayajothi Industries and OCL Cements are the plants where inbox replacement is done and are operating well. Complete cooler replacement: When the kiln has potential to produce more and the present cooler cannot support the increased capacity, replacing the existing cooler with new cooler becomes as an option. In this case the existing cooler is removed and new Cooler is placed in its location. An upgrade to FLSmidth Cross-Bar® Cooler from an old grate cooler resulted in various benefits for Rain cements South India based Ramapuram plant.

Mangalam cement, Myhome cement, Sagar Cements, Ramco Jayanthipuram and Rain Industries are the plants where complete cooler replacement have been undertaken. All the coolers have been installed and achieved its rated capacity and is operating well.

SF to CB upgrade: The SFTM CB® upgrade is achieved with most of the parts untouched, essentially only requiring a change in cross bars and hydraulic system. From an existing SFTM Cooler, all the existing cross bars are removed and new cross bar elements that are all movable will be installed. Together with some minor hydraulic system and PLC programming changes, the upgrade is quickly carried out, depending on the cooler Size. SFTM Cross-Bar® cooler upgrade were done in JK Lakshmi, Vasavadutta cements û Line 3/4 and KJS cements. The upgraded CB cooler is working satisfactorily in Vasavadatta Cement Unit 3/4, Gulbarga, Karnataka since year 2013 and some of the results are indicated below:

Wave Grate: Cement plant operators around the world know the importance of keeping maintenance time and costs to a minimum. For plants with an SFTM Cross-Bar® cooler there is now a new type of grate available for upgrade.

The design of the Wave Grate reduces airflow resistance through the grate, which results in a significant reduction in pressure drop there by reduction in power consumption of cooler fans and efficient cooler operation. The upper Wave Grate with wear strips is the only wear part that needs replacement and has increased wear life. The overall benefits of installing the new wave grate plates are:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Increased grate wear life
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Fast and Simple Installation

The optimised design and manufacture of the FLSmidth Cross-Bar® Cooler - with its horizontal construction, high thermal efficiency, low power consumption and low maintenance - enables us to offer this superior cooler with a low total cost of ownership.

FLSmidth Cross-Bar® Cooler is simple to operate and simple to maintain.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ram Kumar Sridharan, Product Line Manager-Pyro, FLSmidth.

(Communication by the management of the company)

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