UltraTech launches UMix
UltraTech launches UMix

UltraTech launches UMix

UMix is a ready-in-two-minutes concrete that will help people do minor repairs quickly without creating a mess in their house.
UltraTech Cement has introduced a ready-to-use and mix-in-the-bag concrete called UMix. With this, UltraTech has become the first company in India to launch a do-it-yourself (DIY) concrete product.
Ready concrete
UMix is a ready-in-two-minutes concrete that will help people do minor repairs quickly without creating a mess in their house. The easy-to-use, ready concrete is a convenient solution for minor repairs. This innovative product comes in an innovative and attractive 20 kg bag that makes the entire project convenient for people at large. It will also help ease the work of masons and contractors to do major repairs in houses and societies without creating any mess of mixing cement and aggregates at the site. The product was launched in the Bengaluru markets on June 1, 2018, in a celebration amid UltraTech dealers and management teams.
For the repair segment
In the current scenario, majority of small concrete repairs are done by mixing loose cement, aggregates and water. But the challenge here is that for small repairs getting quality aggregates, cement in small quantities is cumbersome, since minimum order quantity adds to wastage of each of these elements. Getting labour (masons-contractor) to do small jobs is generally a challenge. Additionally, there are hassles of mixing and handling along with storage issues at site.
In the construction market, currently, no other company has invested much in the repair segment. Construction-related companies and manufacturing industries focus has only been on the new building markets. Repair segment products have been minimum. Repair, as a business, for masons and contractors has also been low-profit so availability of skilled labour for repair has always been a challenge in India. UltraTech's UMix was introduced to solve these challenges. It will help people repair their own house or even the masons and contractors will take up repair work as it will be hassle fee and time saving for them.
Sanjay Mathur, CEO , RMC & Key Account, UltraTech Cement,
said, 'Umix is an easy to use, factory packed premixed concrete solution, for doing repairs and minor constructions. It is available in a unique and innovative pack of 20 kg, where concrete can be prepared by adding two litres of water in the bag. It is a two-minute solution.'
Add, mix, pour
This product is devised to make the entire process simple and convenient. It is designed on the do-it-yourself platform, offering ease and convenience of buying right proportion of the concrete mix, ready-to-use in just three steps: Add, mix, pour.
The innovative 20 kg bag consist of a ready-to-use concrete in a powdered or dry form. All that needs to be done is add 2 liters of water, mix it in the bag itself and the concrete is ready to use. It can be poured out in just two minutes. It is also convenient for mason and contractors to do repairs in houses or societies as it saves their time and guaranties superior quality of work as the ingredients are pre-mixed or engineered mix.
Zero wastage. As the concrete can be mixed in the bag, it becomes quite easy and convenient to mix for final usage.
This product is ideal for minor concrete repairs such as: Home renovation work, society or building compound repairs, society or bungalow driveway, walkway patch work, lamp-post or gatepost foundation work, road and bridge repair, and minor structural repairs.
UltraTech Umix will be available only in Bengaluru.
(Communication by the management of the company)

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