10,000+ visitors from 18 countries
10,000+ visitors from 18 countries
10,000+ visitors from 18 countries
Organised by CII, IMME 2018 showcased the latest and diverse range of mining machinery.International Mining & Machinery Exhibition (IMME) 2018, a four-day event, was held from October 31 to November 3, 2018 at New Town Eco Park in Kolkata. The event showcased products like demand for minerals, as well as for mining services, is robust in the country, etc. in the minerals, metals and ores, plant, machinery and equipment industries.

ôThe Indian mining sector plays a pivotal role in the country's infrastructure and economy. Globally, India ranks second in chromite, third in coal and lignite and bauxite, fourth in iron ore and fifth in manganese. The future of the mining sector lies in laying emphasis on scientific mining so that state of the art technology is used for exploration, efficiency are realised, clean technologies and safe mining practices are adopted with adequate supporting infrastructure.

Organised by the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), India's Premier Business Association, 14th IMME is dedicated to the mining industry.

India was estimated to have spent $14 billion on coal imports last fiscal year and that figure is likely to rise to $25 billion by 2016-17. This combined with factors like the widening current account deficit, depreciation of the Indian currency , and need for enhancing infrastructure for bringing back growth in the economy has made sure that the Government has introduced a slew of measures to facilitate/enhance mining in India.

Visitors included: mine developer-cum-operator (MDOs)/mine owners, mineral processing plants, mine chief's, procurement/supply managers, construction houses, builders, cement manufacturers, steel/aluminium industry, financial institutions, consultants, safety institutes, HSE managers, quarry owners, and limestone, granite, sandstone mine owners, trading and marketing representatives, power generation, distributors and transporters, government officials, and geological institutes and engineering colleges.

Exhibitors included: machinery manufacturers and suppliers, importers and exporters, mining exploration, smelting companies, mineral processing, finance and insurance, mining consultants and services, software, automation companies, components and spare parts, tyres and wheels, oil, lubricant, safety equipment, technology companies, media, trade commissions and association, ministries and Chambers of Commerce, and government and non-government organisation.

International pavilion partners included: Australia Unlimited, Australia; Mining USuppliers Trade Association, Canada; CCPIT, China; Czech Trade, Czech Republic; VDMA, Germany; World Expo, Poland; Rus Expo, Russia; Ingeman Stenqvist, Scandinavia; Association of British Mining Equipment Companies, UK; and West Virginia Department of Commerce, US.

The international exhibition for mining and mining machinery satisfied the expectations of customers to the mining companies. Latest techniques and methods from the areas of mineral extraction, earthmoving, safety equipment and much more, were presented. The exhibition provided a platform for national and international exhibitors, professionals, buyers and delegates who share a common outlook towards joint ventures, technology transfers and strategic business-to-business alliances.

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