Abhay MHE & Consulting: Assuring efficacy

Abhay MHE & Consulting: Assuring efficacy

Abhay undertakes complete engineering, upgradation, troubleshooting, equipment manufacturing and erection, commissioning of cement plants, alternate fuel resources (AFR), power plant as well as mineral plants.

The Ahmedabad-based Abhay MHE & Consulting is a fast growing consulting firm with decades of experience in the field of designing cement, power and mineral plants, alternate fuel resources, with equal experience of manpower having experience of the shop floor; and is also a manufacturer of related equipment Abhay undertakes complete engineering, upgradation, troubleshooting, equipment manufacturing and erection and commissioning of cement, alternate fuel resources (AFR), power plant as well as mineral plants.

The company renders services in cement, power, alternative fuel resources and mineral plants. "We strongly believe that good professional ethics, dedicated team of people and sincere efforts can create satisfied customers. We make sure that we provide clients the most efficiently designed and cost effective solutions to suit their specific needs," says AD Kajarekar, VP- Technical, Abhay MHE & Consulting.

Abhay MHE & Consulting is a ISO 9001:2008 certified organisation incorporated in the year 1997 as a steel trader and later as Abhay MHE as well as Abhay MHE & Consulting. Empowered by a strong group of technocrats at design, engineering and shop floor level as well with several decades of rich and varied experience in handling a wide range of projects, they provide the best possible services to the clients from concept to completion of the projects by using state-of-the-art technology and becoming a part of the client's team in ensuring minimum cycle time and optimum cost.

Material handling systems

Basic engineering: Equipped with an updated database and wide international experience, they design the most optimum technological concept for the project. Inherent in the concept are the system design, equipment and storage sizing, plant layout and process flow-sheets, etc.

Detailed engineering of the firm promises completion of engineering activities in the shortest possible time and without rework. Past experience with similar equipment and painstakingly created databases ensure a continuous supply of data, documents and drawings to the site for uninterrupted work even when supplier provided information is delayed.

Procurement: They help customers in selecting the best equipment and in obtaining the most competitive offers from the suppliers. Their extensive database, experience in dealing with various suppliers, as well as knowledge based on past performance unerringly enable the right choice.

Site supervision: Well qualified engineers specialising in civil construction and equipment erection provide designer supervision during the implementation phase of the project. Also, they assist in start-up and plant commisioning by ensuring that all the individual items of plant and machinery and the department/ plant as a whole do meet the performance criteria as it is laid down in the specifications, both qualitatively and quantitatively.

Abhay MHE & Consulting Pvt Ltd. Aadesh Patel - Director Mobile No: +91-9825328416 E-mail: info@aecpl.co.in, Website: www.aecpl.co.in

(Communication by the management of the company)

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