At Wonder Cement, the employees initiate CSR activities
At Wonder Cement, the employees initiate CSR activities

At Wonder Cement, the employees initiate CSR activities

Vivek Patni Whole time Director, Wonder Cement
Wonder Cement is part of the RK Marble group which has the distinction of being one of the leading names in the marble industry. The company lays strong emphasis on the responsibility the corporate sector has towards society and has identified the role the company has to play in this area. It is committed to serving the communities in the vicinity of its operation with the aim of improved community welfare in tandem with company progress. Vivek Patni interacted with ICR and shared his vision to do good for the society. CSR is integrated in the DNA of values at Wonder Cement, and is not just a directive to be followed by the company. Excerpts from the interview.

What is your understanding of CSR and why is it necessary?
R K Group and Wonder Cement has always been at the fore-front in the discharge of CSR. To us CSR is not just a fraction of a campaign period. We understand the root cause of the issue we undertake and ensure to do best possible within our abilities. For instance, within the medical field, infrastructure was a barrier for providing facilities, so we have built medical infrastructures at various districts and organised medical camps at required places. CSR becomes extremely essential for today´s Indian corporates as the nation is at a stage where development of all will be more beneficial rather than an individualistic approach.

We at Wonder Cement believe in development of all and giving back to the society as much as it is given to us.

Tell us about the involvement of your staff, HR team, etc., in the CSR initiative. Our employees correlate with the visions and understandings of the company, and they give their heart-filled contributions to the initiatives the company undertakes. At Wonder Cement, the employees initiate CSR activities, while the management supports them wholeheartedly.

Tell us about your CSR activities in detail.
Diwali Activity:

Wonder Cement has recently celebrated Diwali with 45 under privileged kids cared for by an NGO at Jaipur. Diwali celebrations with sparkling lights, a puppet show, a hearty meal, loads of gifts and a family to enjoy with, got bright smiles on the face of kids, which were priceless. Wonder Cement team organised this in an association with Ashray Care Home. Arun Sharma, Vice President, Marketing, Wonder Cement distributed the gifts amongst the the kids.

R K Group has always been fore-front in the discharge of CSR. This is evident in the sphere of education where the company has invested liberally towards building of schools, and colleges, with special emphasis on girls´ education. It has offered scholarships to needy and poor students, benefiting nearly 1800 of them. It has already constructed 16 schools, hostels and colleges and the number is still growing.

Scholarships and Educational Institutions
R K Group has contributed immensely in the field of education under its corporate social responsibility. They have demonstrated an unstinted support to the cause of building infrastructure facilities for the spread of education. It has built a large number of school buildings and distributed scholarship. As on date, 1800 students have been benefitted through these scholarships. Also financial assistance for professional education for Engineering, MBA, MBBS, C.A/CS etc. is being provided to various students from time to time.

School Adoption
RK Groups subsidiary Wonder Cement Ltd. in partnership with Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan has adopted 20 government schools in October 2012. This partnership has augmented essential facilities like separate toilet for girls and boys, drinking water, pathways, furniture, minor repairing etc., in schools. Tangible changes have happened in these schools. Education Kit
1024 students were provided with complete set of stationery, notebooks packed in a bag during academic session 2013-14 by RK Groups subsidiary Wonder Cement students in need are provided with sweaters and dresses.

Health Care
R K Marbles has always been in the forefront in providing suitable health care to the public. Constant efforts are made to reach out to people in need and serve them wholeheartedly. More than 40,000 people have been served till now.

Medical Camps
RK Group organises various medical camps like eye camp, Viklang Sahayta Camp, ENT camp. These camps are conducted yearly as well as monthly. Till now more than 40,000 people have been served through these camps and number is growing every month.

Medical Infrastructure
Infrastructure facilities have been created by the company at various places. Contribution were made to district Health Society to construct G.N.M. Training Institute at Chittorgarh.

District Health Society, Chittorgarh to procure 50 bed sets for patients at SanwariyaJi Government General Hospital. Development of Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Emergency Hospital in Kishangarh.

Health and Family Welfare
Family Planning Program Beneficiaries of National Family Planning Program are provided incentive through partnership with District Health Society, Chittorgarh by RK Groups subsidiary Wonder Cement. More than 90 per cent women took sterilisation as family planning option. 1319 patients of Nimbahera block in 2012-13 were given woolen blanket besides cash incentive from government.

Community Infrastructure Development
Development of Infrastructure is focused by RK Group in nearby communities. We have constructed class room, school boundary wall, concrete, bitumen and gravel roads, community center, and renovation of Anganwaries and Community Health Centre. In Chittorgarh, some facilities like renovation of Police Conference Hall, Swimming pool, Tennis court at staff club were done by RK Group.

RK Group subsidiary, RK Marble constructed the most modern ´R.K. Community Centre´ with all facilities at Kishangarh for public utility and now plans to construct a Shri Ratanlal Kanwarlal Patni Athithi Awas in the Campus of R.K. Community Centre to provide more facilities to the public of Kishangarh and surrounding area.

Community Centre
Wonder Cement has constructed center for village of Rasulpura and existing hall was renovated. Earlier villagers used to face problem in organising common festivals, marriage programs. Now this community center has become very much useful for villagers. Construction of community center at Phalwa village is also being considered.

Drinking Water Arrangements
Water pipe lines, repairing of submersible pump and installation of new submersible pump was supported by RK Groups subsidiary Wonder Cement to provide drinking water at their reach.

Road Construction
RK Group has constructed 820 mtr bitumen and cement concrete road in Village. Gravel roads of 6000 mtr in nearby villages were constructed to improve the road condition in five villages.

Village Infrastructure development
Wonder Cement partnered with government´s Jan Sahbhagita schemes to improve facilities at crematorium sites in eight villages. Drinking water tanks ´Pyau´ for animal were renovated with proper drainage system to improve hygiene of villagers. Financial support for construction or renovation of temples were provided. Financial support to Gram Panchayat is also provided to conduct development activities as per their plans.

Women Empowerment
The company provided sewing training to women in the village. This center is shifted from village to village after completion of each batch. Women get quality training from trainer who is expert in the art of tailoring. Most women are stitching salwar suit, mobile cover, bag, foot mate, paper holder, table cover, tiffin cover, etc. So far Wonder Cement has trained 179 women through eight batches of four villages.

Women and Child Development Program
Four Anganwari Centres of nearby villages were renovated and child friendly environment was created. Playing and Learning materials were provided. Walls were painted as per curriculum of pre-school learning. Self help groups of women were created to connect them with income generating activities.

Swacha Gaon Nirogi Gaon Programme
This sanitation programme aims to stop open defecation in villages. RK Group subsidiary Wonder Cement signed a tripartite agreement with Zila Parishad, Chittorgarh and two NGOs experienced in sanitation field to support construction of 1000 individual household toilets. With the help of the third party NGO´s sanitation facilities will be installed in seven villages of nearby plant area (Rasulpura, Peerkhera, Phalwa, Bhattkotri, Borakheri, Sangria and BadoliMadhosingh).

So far 327 toilets were constructed. Pre casted cement slab are used for constructing super structure of toilet and soakage pits are constructed using bricks in honey combing method. Awareness programme for better hygiene practices are regularly conducted to make these villages free from the ill practice of open defecation.

What are your priorities while framing a CSR plan?
Wonder Cement plans to accomplish its CSR targets focused on education, healthcare, infrastructure, community development, etc. We undertake activities that give self motivation to our employees for giving back to the society. We wish to do more in the lines of the new government regulations and motivate more and more common people to contribute their bit to the rest of the society.

Apart from doing good to the society, CSR helps the contributing organisation too in several ways. Please list some of the benefits that you have realised.
While we undertake these activities the management and the employees get together and work on one page, bond is indeed strengthened! It is through these activities that we get to interface with people who somewhere contribute to our company´s growth and success.

Quick Facts
Tree plantation done in 123 hectares (43 by RK Marble+ 80 by Wonder Cement) around the operational areas.
About 40,000 people served with health care services provided by the company.
More than 1800 students were given financial assistance for basic and higher education.
1000 households get good sanitation facilities.

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