Cement additives

Cement additives

Product performance depends, to a large extent, on raw materials, grinding equipment, and process parameters. BASF, a leading chemical company, is offering an innovative range of grinding aids and performance enhancers for the needs of cement industry. These additives are offered under the brand Cementium. BASF offers tailor-made solutions adapted to a variety of composite cements based on granulated blast furnace slag, fly ash, limestone, natural pozzolan and other SCMs. The range includes grinding aids and performance enhancers.

Grinding aids
Cementium grinding aids neutralise agglomeration and create a dispersion effect that improves cement fineness. They increase grinding and separator efficiency, reduce energy consumption, prevent pack set, and increase mill throughput.

Performance enhancers In addition to acting as grinding aids, Cementium performance enhancers improve strength, setting time, and workability. The product line includes early and late-age strength enhancers, strength and workability improvers, and air-entraining agents.


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