Cement conveying system
Cement conveying system

Techx Process Automation manufactures user-friendly cement conveying system which can be mounted on a skid. It is available in two options - cement and fly ash input, ie, loose in bulkers or material received in bags. Conveying from bulker to main silo is achieved by diverting the voluminous air flow at around 1 kg/sq cm pressure. The bulker is aerated and pressurised. Opening of bottom valve allows cement/fly ash to fall directly in dispatch pipe. The air flow carries the material to the main silo. The conveying rate achieved is 30-32 tonne, one hour for this mode, the power consumed is 45 HP.

When cement/fly ash is received at site in bags, they are manually taken to a hopper. Bags are slit and loose material dumped into the hopper. A specially designed rotary valve ensures measured flow of material into the discharge pipe line. It also prevents air entering the hopper. The cement/fly ash dropped in discharge pipe is pushed ahead to main silo with the pressure of 1 kg/sq cm. The transfer rate achieved is 12 to 15 tonne/hr for this mode.

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