Controller for mid-sized DCS applications

Controller for mid-sized DCS applications

A compact, fast and powerful automation controller to meet the specific requirements of small to mid-sized Distributed Control System (DCS) applications.

In fiscal 2013, Siemens again increased its R&D expenditures to 5.7 percent of its revenue. In addition, the company expanded its patent portfolio by about five percent year-over-year, to some 60,000 patents. This achievement underscores Siemens' power of innovation, a tradition that goes back to the company's founding. And the new patent strategy of Beat Weibel, who's now been head of Siemens Intellectual Property for a year, is building on this tradition. The focus is not only on the number of inventions and patent applications but rather on the value and business benefit they generate.

Continuing this trend the Industry Sector of Siemens launched SIMATIC PCS 7 AS 410 SMART - a compact process automation controller for small to mid-sized standard DCS applications. It reduces total cost of ownership (TCO) with lower initial acquisition cost. It ensures repeatability, thus reducing engineering efforts. High controller availability ensures maximum plant uptime. The SMART (simple, maintenance-friendly, affordable, reliable, and timely) product strategy is enabling the company to maintain its lead over local and Asian competition.

A new addition to the Siemens SIMATIC controller family, it comes with the same hardware ruggedness and proven quality as that of the powerful AS 410 controller. This compact, affordable and easy-to-use controller provides repeatability, meaning once a standard solution is designed, the same can be used for several similar applications as well. This feature not only reduces engineering efforts but also ensures lesser time-to-market.

Designed in Germany for round-the-clock industrial applications, AS 410 SMART can withstand harsh temperature conditions, vibration/shock and EMC requirements. It is also equipped with a conformal coating, which is in line with G3 standards, thus making the controller highly robust.

With a speed of 450 MHz, this multi-processor system is equipped with 48 MB memory and can be scaled up to 800 process objects. Simultaneous management and control of different process tasks at different cycle times is yet another advantage of this high speed controller.

Additionally, owing to user friendly and simple configuration, lesser training efforts are required for plant operators and maintenance personnel. AS 410 SMART also provides ease of maintenance to customers as only one controller-spare part needs to be managed.

With the addition of AS 410 SMART to the SIMATIC PCS 7 portfolio, Siemens is now well equipped for addressing the different requirements across all process automation market segments.

Siemens India, in which Siemens AG holds 75 per cent of the capital, is the flagship listed company of Siemens AG in India. Siemens in India comprises of 12 legal entities, with a business volume aggregating about Rs. 12,000 crore. It operates in the core business areas of industry, infrastructure and cities, energy and healthcare. It has nation-wide sales and service network with 23 manufacturing plants employing about 19,000 people.

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