Emami Double Bull Cement
Emami Double Bull Cement

Emami Double Bull Cement

Emami Group is known for setting benchmarks in every category that they have ventured into, be it FMCG, edible oil, paper, real estate, health care, and now cement. Emami Group once again has set a new benchmark when it entered into cement industry by coming up with a greenfield capacity of 6 million tonne per annum (MTPA) in the Eastern part of India.
According Vivek Chawla, Whole Time Director, in line with the group culture of Emami, in cement also the emphasis is on human resource development followed by state-of-the-art technology, processes and service levels.
The state-of-the-art technology, says Chawla, "helps us build the best quality cement, processes help us sustain the quality and our human resource ensures that we consistently produce this quality, bag after bag. Our dedicated network of logistics partners and the network ensures the product is seamlessly available to our consumers."
At Emami's mother plant in Risda, where its clinker is manufactured, the quality is consistently maintained by state-of-the-art robotic lab which not only ensures flawless testing but also makes changes in the process automatically to maintain a consistent and superior quality of clinker as well as cement. 
The company has also installed waste heat recovery system so as to utilise the hot gases of the kiln for generation of power which is helping us contribute towards conservation of our environment.
"About 70 per cent of our cement is blended since we make both Portland Pozzolona Cement & Portland Slag cement which also helps us to reduce our carbon footprint," says Chawla.
The Company has a policy of co-existing with the communities around its manufacturing facilities. "We have a clear policy on involving the villagers in our various self-development programs and regularly do CSR activities as a commitment
towards sustainable development," says proud Chawla. 
Our processes and enterprise solutions help us deliver our product to the consumer through the management of our channel partners, influencers as well as our key stake holders in the supply chain.
Our field team of technical experts go beyond mere sales and focus on service by providing on-site services to the consumers through our mobile Tech Express where one of the unique features is on-site testing of concrete to ensure the best possible construction practices.
The success strategy of Emami Double Bull Cement is derived from its three key stakeholders, says Vinit Kumar Tiwari, Chief Marketing Officer. "First and foremost, the consumer (individual home builders and our institutional buyers). The second is our channel partners and third is our influencers," avers Tiwari.
"Our offerings both in product and services cater to specific needs of each of the key stakeholders," he added.
According to him. the company has latest supply chain and technology driven logistics models to ensure better and faster services and uninterrupted supply of material across our operations.
Emami is synonymous with creating world class brands which are loved and respected by all. In line with this, Emami Double Bull cement has come out with a unique brand strategy with has a clear imagery of double bulls, depicting immense strength and power. Our tagline MAZBOOTI, UMMEED SE ZYADA sums it all.
Emami Double Bull Cement promises Double Advantage of Super Value and Super Strength while providing best in class pre and post construction services to all our discerning customers.
Clutter breaking brand nomenclature, such as our Premium Pozzolona Slag Cement product called SUBH, helps to create a stand out brand in the market. The 7-in-1 advantage of SUBH is based on the actual requirements of end users from a cement and provides a long term value to all our users.
Execution of organisational strategies is directly dependent on the engagement level of our field team members across various functions. "In spite of being a new player, we are committed to develop our team members across all levels to ensure our success in the market," concludes Tiwari.
(Communication by the management of the company)
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