Filter bags from UNICON

Filter bags from UNICON

UNICON is one of the leading companies in India that provides bag filters and bag house systems. With regulatory norms for air pollution levels getting stringent, more and more cement companies are opting for such control measures. Other equipment for pollution control from the UNICON includes fabric filter tubes, envelopes and cartridges for dust capture at coal and cement mills.

Apart from applications in dry production processes, these filter bags can also be used to filter emissions from boilers.

  • UNICON filter bags are lapped and stitched to be strong and long-lasting.
  • Wide variety in bag material such as polyester, non-woven polyester (needle punched), PTFE coated, etc., is available to meet different requirements.
  • Bags are supported by corrosion resistant cages.
  • They have specially applied anti-stick coating to minimises bag choking.
  • Bags are sealed by snap rings to ensure easy removal for maintenance.
  • The bag filters are designed to be compact.
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