High Performance Special Gunning Refractory
High Performance Special Gunning Refractory

High Performance Special Gunning Refractory

Refractory installation with gunning technology generally involves considerable loss of material.
Mayank D Kamdar of Lilanand Magnesites
gives an insight into the process.

Application of refractory by spraying installation with the help of compressed air is termed as Refractory Gunning. Dry Gunning, also known as Guniting, and Wet Gunning, also known as shotcerting, are known methods of refractory application for many decades.

While Guniting has an advantage of smaller application setup requirement, it involves very high gunning loss. Whereas Shotcreting has comparatively low gunning loss, it requires larger machines and a big setup, and thus doesn't have flexibility of use to attend small jobs or to work in congested areas.Taking a further step in innovation in gunning application, Lilanand Magnesites Pvt Ltd, has innovated Unique MS-27G Chemically Bonded Gunning Refractory, which combines the advantages of Guniting and Shotcreting. In comparison to conventional gunning, where water is used as a binding agent and the gunning loss is about 18 to 25 per cent, MS-27G Gunning uses its Bindex (Binder) liquid for bond formation, and consequently, the gunning loss is reduced drastically to a mere 1 to 2 per cent.

The advantage is not just limited to the savings by the reduced gunning loss. It is observed that the material wasted by rebound loss consisted mainly of the heavier and bigger sized particles, which are required for abrasion resistance and durability. Hence, in MS-27G Gunning, by reducing the rebound loss, better qualities like low porosity, high abrasion resistance, high strength, and better durability are achieved. Further, MS-27G Gunning is designed to have high refractoriness, better anti-coating even against pet-coke sulphur jamming, high corrosion resistance against the severe chemical attacks of alkalis and chlorides, better thermal shock resistance, and superior spalling and abrasion resistance to give excellent performance at various cooler and inlet areas in a cement plant including most critical areas like Cooler Hood, Cooler Walls, Cooler Side Walls, Cooler Front Wall, TAD, Take-off Duct, Dust Settling Chamber, Smoke Chamber, Riser Ducts, Cyclones, etc. MS-27G Gunning can be installed very fast using a small and portable gunning machine, which makes it very easy to use for large areas as well as for small patch type repair works. The above advantages and customer friendly services, with a dedicated expert team of application supervisors, makes MS-27G Gunning Refractory a definite choice for cement manufacturers, who are looking for a dust-free, high-performance and cost-effective refractory gunning product.

Author: Mayank D Kamdar, Director, Lilanand Magnesites Pvt Ltd. He can be reached at lmplindia@yahoo.com

(Communication by the management of the company)
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