High strength, abrasion resistant castable refractory
High strength, abrasion resistant castable refractory

High strength, abrasion resistant castable refractory

Cement plants, which are making use of pet coke or industrial wastes as a fuel to save on costs, are facing problems like jamming of ducts and shutes that require frequent clean ups. However, application of proper castable refractory can eliminate this problem.

In current scenario, the use of petroleum coke (pet coke) and other alternative fuels are increasing as it is economically beneficial for the cement industries. But it incorporates high amount of sulphur (SO2 & SO3), which leads to jamming problems due to sulphur adhesion at pre-heater, kiln riser duct and down pipe. Also, there is corrosion of refractory lining by alkalis and chlorides, which is even more volatile and more corrosive than alkalis in pre-heater by raw materials used in cement manufacturing. Consequently, a heavy coating is built up in these areas which require frequent cleaning - both manually and with pressure like air blasters, water jets, etc. The cleaning is not only cumbersome but it also involves risk of accidents and pre-mature failure of linings.

In order to overcome these problems, Lilanand Magnesites Pvt Ltd has innovated the high strength, highly abrasion resistant 'MS-27 chemically bonded castable refractory´ with anti-coating painting MS-STz (Zir. Rich) refractory paste compound. The excellent flowability of MS-27 castable and simple painting with MS-STz compound makes this system very easy and fast to apply even at large areas of cement plants. Also, the resultant surface is smooth and inert which is coating repellent. Use of this system can save on time, energy and cost. Adding to the advantage, major cement producers across the world have witnessed an increased lining life by almost two times.

With other favourable properties like volume stability and excellent thermal shock resistance, the above system also finds its applications in areas such as cooler hot zones, TAD, take-off duct, front wall, and other areas. Adding to it, even at the most critical areas like outlet tip casting, bull nose and burner pipe, the MS-27 castable is able to deliver a life of about 10-11 months.

In the recent times, to match the need of high performance refractories in the cement industry, the development and use of such innovative products have become necessary.

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