IKN Pendulum Cooler: Improving fuel efficiency

IKN Pendulum Cooler: Improving fuel efficiency

Improving the WHRS generation from an efficient IKN Pendulum Cooler.

Fuel efficiency is the key requirement to achieve the energy targets in the cement industry. IKN Pendulum Cooler has already set a benchmarking in the industry for highest recuperation efficiency, lowest power consumption and highest reliability. Though the fuel efficiency is still targeted to be better with the best clinker cooler, recovering the maximum heat for WHRS power generation also focused on priority while selecting the equipment. Is it a myth? No, it is their experience in the cement industry that an efficient cooler can support only fuel efficiency. IKN have changed this myth and have improved the WHRS performance by giving more heat input to the boiler. This article deals with one such case study at JK Lakshmi cement (JKLC) Line#1 IKN pendulum cooler.

Partial hot air recirculation concept and how it is possible only in IKN?
JKLC would like to improve their WHRS power generation to meet the tough energy targets. Being IKN, a reliable and efficient brand in clinker cooling, JKLC´s need has directed their attention again to IKN for the reliable solution for improving the WHRS heat input. The boiler spent gases are at approximate 100°C have to be routed through the selected cooler fans in to the cooling chambers. Cooling chambers of IKN Pendulum coolers are free from any bearings, seals, hydraulic hoses, cylinders and lubrication. Hence it has no risk in sending the cooling air at more than 100°C inside IKN cooling air chambers.

With this unique features at IKN Pendulum Cooler, finally, a system with partial recirculation was successfully installed at Line #1. The selected cooler fans are custom designed for handing the increased input temperatures.

Operating results
Extensive joint study has been made after the installation of hot air recirculation system by JKLC and IKN. The results are in the table.

JKLC have improved their plant productivity with increased recuperation efficiency, reduced power consumption and increased reliability by installing IKN pendulum cooler at their Sirohi unit and set a bench mark in the industry. Now, by installing hot air recirculation system, they have set up a new milestone by improving the WHRS performance by 25 per cent more generation with the the efficient IKN Pendulum cooler. The myth in the industry has disappeared only with IKN Pendulum Cooler.

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Table 1: Operating results of JKLC#1








1 Production 4619 t/d 4619 t/d No change in
2 Cooler loading 46.7 t/d/m2 46.7 t/d/m2
3 Heat in mid air 10.6 MW @
390 °C
13.3 MW @
415 °C
25% more heat
for boiler
4 Recuperation
normalized at 1.15
kg/kg (SA+TA)
74.60% 74.60% No reduction in
the efficiency
5 Clinker
122 °C 133 °C 11°C increase
due to increased
cooling air
6 Cooler fans and
vent fan power
4.09 4.58 Increased by
0.49 kWh/t
due to increased
cooling airt
emperature and
lengthy duct
from stack
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