Imaging system for kiln monitoring

Imaging system for kiln monitoring

Raytek, a global leader in Infrared (IR) thermometry, has extended the capabilities of its CS210 thermal scanner for cement kilns with integrated 3D view and refractory management database modules. This enhanced kiln shell scanning system enables cement manufacturers to monitor rotary kilns continuously and detect hot spots due to refractory loss, damage and wear. The scanner helps in averting costly damages and unscheduled downtimes.

Using the CS210 IR line-scanning solution, which now supports up to four scanners, cement plant operators can evaluate the performance of kiln refractory material. Fallen bricks and exposed area can be quickly detected and appropriate action can be taken to prevent further damage. Maintenance can be planned in advance to replace the refractory material with minimum of downtime.

The 3D View module helps users to gather and comprehend all the data easily from the kiln and its environment. It also shows a live view of the rotating kiln and other hardware components as selected by the user.

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