Intelligent motor control centres
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Intelligent motor control centres

Vikas Damle

Siemens offers intelligent motor control centres (i-MCC). In i-MCC, intelligent motor management relays are used on which a communication port is available. This communication port is directly connected to a distributed control system (DCS) by a single communication cable. This communication cable replaces numerous control and signalling cables of a conventional MCC. Features such as multiple protection, monitoring and logical functions is integrated into a compact communication capable intelligent relays. The motor management relay comprises various essential functionalities in a single device like stand-alone motor protection, motor control logic (DOL, R-DOL, star-delta etc, monitoring of motor feeder data, data measurement, evaluation and storage, communication with a DCS system. The i-MCC offers multiple protections like overload, over and under current, over and under voltage, and stalled rotor: in short, almost all protection needed for an LT motor. It also provides data transparency, low maintenance cost, Profibus communication, low downtime, etc. The system implies use of safety relays or safety automation systems which monitor critical components of a machine or plant. Some of these critical devices are E-stop, pull-cord switch, limit switch, contactors of main contacts, etc which if malfunction then it may lead to an accident. Monitoring of these devices will help in safe disconnection of feeder during accidents.

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