Italcementi launches i.nova

Italcementi launches i.nova

Italcementi revolutionises its market approach through the launch of i.nova, an innovative branding which groups each type of cement or concrete according to its performance.

The new i.nova branding system was recently launched at the Assimpredil Ance Headquarters in Milan, by Carlo Pesenti, Italcementi Group Chief Executive Officer, and Giovanni Ferrario, Italcementi Group Chief Operating Officer. They highlighted the strategic importance of the project launched worldwide. Through i.nova, it will be easier for customers to distinguish and select, for instance, the acoustic products that are grouped under the i.sound family, or the thermal products grouped under the i.clime family or again, the special products for water, grouped under the i.idro family.

'i' in the family name stands for Italcementi Group and for innovation. In addition, a distinct colour and graphic marking have been given to each performance family so as to make visual recognition of the product quicker and easier in all the countries where the group operates.

"i.nova revolutionises Italcementi marketing strategy and approach to sales, reconfirming the group's highly innovative positioning,"said Carlo Pesenti, Italcementi Group CEO. Despite operating in what is referred to as a traditional sector, the company places research, innovation and sustainability at the forefront of its industrial strategy, convinced that such values represent a fundamental lever for consolidating its competitive advantage in the building industry. In fact, i.nova is the evolution of the last fifteen years of research during which many unique innovative products have been developed, such as the photocatalytic cement and the transparent cement used for the Italian Pavilion in Shanghai.

"i.nova has also created a new visual identity capable of guaranteeing greater visibility, immediate recognition and easy identification of a range of totally reorganised products. The commodity- based logic therefore paves the way for a retail approach, which is closer to the customer," said Giovanni Ferrario, Italcementi Group COO. He added, "The system will be applied to all our subsidiaries world-wide, offering them an excellent opportunity, especially to areas with more difficult economic scenarios, to tackle the market with even greater dynamism. With more specific products and more innovative services, we are now able to offer our customers solutions for higher value added projects."

The entire product portfolio developed by the group, focused on the concept of performance, is now available in the market. It is an innovative approach. The customer is the hub of a strategy which is no longer founded on the simple supply of a single product, but is clearly focused on the ability to offer suitable solutions to satisfy the different requests with different products that guarantee a specific performance. The Italcementi product catalogue also includes materials developed in cooperation with some of the major names of contemporary architecture.

The approach to the cement sector market is traditionally based on the standardised supply of a commodity. Italcementi, on the other hand, offers a full range of highly innovative specific products, placing the customer at the centre of its marketing strategy, implementing a system designed to simplify the purchasing process and capitalising on the value of its brand by means of a language based on structured codes, which are readily comprehensible at international levels. Each type of cement or concrete is, in fact, grouped according to its performance; this becomes the tool that guides consumers in choosing the best product to suit their individual needs.

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