Kiln shell scanning system
Kiln shell scanning system

Kiln shell scanning system

Specifically-designed for kiln monitoring, the CS210 is a fully integrated solution that monitors rotary kilns to detect hot spots and avoid costly damage and unscheduled downtime.Optional, yet fully-integrated accessories extend the capability to include shadow sensing, burning zone monitoring, tire slip and fan control.

At the core of the CS210 system is a specially built MP150 linescanner with 1024 data points per scan line and an integral heater, configured for your kiln applications. As an option, the system profiles a fully featured refractory management data.

Applications (rotary kiln):

  • Cement kilns
  • Lime kilns
  • Metals and chemical processing


  • Detect hotspots due to refractory loss, damage or wear
  • Detect abnormal operating conditions, such as faulty flame position and shape
  • Optimise and manage kiln maintenance
  • Extend operational life of kiln and refractory
  • Completely integrated monitoring of key kiln parameters


  • Map entire kiln surface and display in real-time thermogram format
  • "One brick" resolution hot spot detection, even in shadowed areas
  • Fail-safe "hot-spot" alarm outputs (PC independent)
  • On board Ethernet TCP/IP communication
  • Interface with other programs via OPC
  • Refractory management software
  • Modular design simplifies installation and service
  • All data, alarms and errors stored and accessible in one common database
  • Multiple level security settings
  • Multiple scanner support
  • Real-time 3D view of the kiln


  • Live ring migration-tire slip monitoring
  • Fan control
  • Burning zone monitor package
  • Shadow sensor package

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