Leverless Magnetic Proximity Sensors
Leverless Magnetic Proximity Sensors

Leverless Magnetic Proximity Sensors

The manufacturing, handling and processing of cement and its components involves dealing with high levels of vibrations and dust. Trewswitch magnetic lever-less proximity switch sensors are well equipped to outperform many other magnetic proximity switches operating in such arduous environments. The simple, one piece stainless steel casing coated with an epoxy resin makes the device impervious to dust.

Trewswitch lever-less magnetic proximity sensors switches offer millions of trouble free processing cycles. TrewSwitch lever-less magnetic proximity sensors provide accurate data sensing in conditions unique to the cement processing plant. The round threaded design, manufactured completely from stainless steel is available in both metric and imperial thread configurations and is supplied with two stainless steel hex nuts for ease of installation, making it compatible with many existing systems at the plant. Complete stainless steel casing eliminates possible damage to the sensing face of the proximity switch, a common problem with magnetic proximity sensors. The device has neodymium magnets that lose less than 1 per cent percent of their magnetic field per one hundred years of operation.

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