MVR roller mill

MVR roller mill

MVR roller mills are used for grinding cement clinker, granulated blast-furnace slag and Pozzolana. Bulk materials vary considerably in terms of grindability and abrasiveness. The capacities of cement production lines too vary within wide limits to suit individual requirements.

The system has up to six stationary grinding rollers on a rotating grinding track. Drawn in between the rollers and track, the feed material is ground by pressure and shear. The compression forces required for comminution are produced by a control arm and pivot bearing along with a hydropneumatic tension system. The ground material is conveyed by centrifugal forces towards the stationary nozzle ring. Gases (air or hot gas) flowing up through the nozzle ring carry the ground and dried material to the classifier where it is separated into grit and fines by the rotor. The grit falls back into the centre of the grinding area. The finished product leaves the classifier with the gas flow for separation in the downstream cyclones or filter.


  • The MultiDrive design allows an optimum speed of the mill.
  • Active redundancy of the grinding roller system.
  • Low capital cost.
  • Low electric power consumption.
  • The grinding principle and high efficiency classifier reduce electric power consumption by up to 40 per cent as compared with conventional ball mills.
  • Optimum use of process heat.

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