Nuvoco's new packaging system

Nuvoco's new packaging system

Nuvoco Vistas Corp, formerly known as Lafarge India, recently launched new packaging for its Premium Slag Cement (PSC) brand across markets of Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. Lafarge PSC is high-performance, blended, Portland slag cement product; renowned for its strength, shine and smooth finish. The slag used in manufacturing this cement is sourced from one of the world's foremost steel manufacturers; and is commonly used for mass concreting and masonry applications.

The new design of (the original jojobera, PSC incorporates two USPs associated with the brand v a single source and its legacy. Following nearly 25 pioneering and successful years in the market; it was important to have packaging that would live up to the legacy, and also act as a major differentiator from imitations that have mushroomed in the market. Consequently, the new design incorporates a unique mnemonic encasing three key factors:

1.PSC being the original premium slag cement
2.Manufactured at Asia's largest cement grinding unit; the Jojobera Cement Plant with capacity of 4.6 million tonnes
3.Single source plant at Jojobera since 1993
The new package design is to assure customers and highlight the originality of our PSC offering; in addition to creating a new identity. This packaging has been launched in the eastern markets of Bengal, Bihar and Jharkhand. The company will be supporting the introduction through various consumer interactions coupled with a strong advertisement campaign.

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