Pioneering in manufacturing of industrial packaging
Pioneering in manufacturing

Pioneering in manufacturing of industrial packaging

Fogla Group is fully equipped and ready to cater to the enhanced demand of the cement industry.

Fogla Corp – Four-decade long success story

Fogla Corporation is a diversified group of companies engaged in manufacturing of Industrial Packaging (manufacturers of PP fabric and bags, FIBCs – big bags/jumbo bags, HM HDPE drums) and Surfactant Chemicals. The company has built Reliability and Trust in manufacturing units for PP/HDPE Woven sacks/bags BOPP Bags and also BLOCK BOTTOM PP BAGS (with or without liner) and are pioneer in manufacturing PP Bags with inside Liners.

Association with Cement industry:

India is a developing country, which means infrastructure, construction, and building sectors are vital for the economy, which implies that the cement industry will grow exponentially, and hence the demand for packaging will also see a similar growth trajectory. The packaging items for the cement industry are of the highest quality developed through continuous innovation aimed to cater to the specific requirements of cement industry. As such, the company has been delivering packaging material to most major companies of this industry. As today’s trend says, consumers are more brand specific and in order to build a brand the first and the most important element is Packaging. Packaging of the product decides the product’s fate, so similarly when products like Cement is moving towards B2C sector, the packaging is the first to have an encounter with the customer. It has a role to play from its journey from commodity to brand. Fogla Corp’s role as a synergistic partner involves manufacturing of the right quality of packaging.

Adaptability to customisation has been their main USP.

A brief on Cement Packaging Market

Globally, the cement packaging market is segmented by material, product type, capacity, and geography.

By material, the global cement packaging market has been segmented as follows:

  • Paper, Plastic, High-density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene (PP).

  • Bags and sacks used for cement packaging also offer printing area on its surface for branding and promotion of the product.

  • By product type, the global cement packaging market has been segmented as follows

  • Sewn Open Mouth, Pinched Bottom Open Mouth, Valve Sacks, Open Mouth Sacks

  • By capacity, the global cement packaging market has been segmented as follows

  • Up to 5 Kg, 5-15 Kg, 15-30 Kg, 30 Kg and above.

Previously there use to be unlaminated cement bags which had to face some challenges in handling and filling of bags. Also in such bags printing was less prominent. Further the defects in valves of small cement bags led to higher wastage percentage

As the demand of cement increased, the manufactures of packaging had to focus on the following factors:

  • increase the productivity and supply cement bags in bulk quantities,

  • improve quality

  • bring more prominent printing for better get up

  • add lamination that protects from moisture and aims towards perfect finishing,

  • perfect valve for low wastage of bags and cement as well,

All these were met in Block Bottom Bags thus the Fogla Corp is shifting more focus towards the Block Bottom bags 

Today with Block bottom bags produced out of highly automated imported machinery, gives more confidence on perfect finishing, higher efficiency in the valve and low wastage with increased volume and capacity thereby leading to higher productivity

Latest introduction and plans ahead:

With an aim towards continuous innovation and betterment, Fogla Corp have recently doubled its capacity in BLOCK BOTTOM bags with installation of more AD*StarKON SX+ Machine that will help in maintaining superior quality. Also, combining outstanding production speed, high-precision bottom closure and superfast format change, enhances productivity. The company can deliver 75 - 80 Lakh bags per month for their customers with required technical specification exceeding in quality and service parameters.

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