Radar sensor for cement storage silos
Radar sensor for cement storage silos

Radar sensor for cement storage silos

The Vegaplus 68 radar sensor is used especially in large storage silos. Its excellent signal focusing ensures reliable functioning without interference from the silo walls, even at very large measuring ranges.

For silos with average height of to 30 m (98 ft), the guided wave radar sensor Vegaflex 82 seems to be a robust and a reliable solution. The strong cable of the guided wave radar sensor can withstand tensile forces up to 3 tonne and can measure heavy bulk solids like cement. The sensor delivers reliable measurement data regardless of the composition of the cement. Vegawave 62 also serves as an overfill protection system. The vibrating level switch provides reliable, maintenance-free level detection. Its robust tuning fork guarantees a positive switching function for the full or empty signal, even under conditions that lead to heavy material build-up in the silo.


  • Non-contact measurement
  • No wear and tear of the measuring device, and
  • Reliable measurement free of interference due to vapour, dust and noise.

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