Spiroll extruder

Spiroll extruder

The Spiroll extruder is the heart of the hollow core production system. The extruder is unique as it works with auger drive combined with a 9000rpm high frequency vibration system. It produces hollow core slabs with early strengths; consistent high quality finishes; low cement content; high load bearing capacities; excellent strand bond and low camber. The extruder can manufacture the full range of hollow core slab depths from 150mm (6") to 400mm (16"). The unique quick change power unit takes just five minutes to swap from one cassette depth to another. The extruder makes hollow core slabs suitable for both floor and wall panel applications.


  • High frequency vibration.
  • Any depth of slab from 150mm (6ö)through to 400mm (16ö).
  • Five-minute quick change power unit.
  • Fast curing time (7/8 hours with hot water curing system).
  • Low cement content - from 320kgs per m3.
  • Optimum production bed utilisation and less raw material wastage.

Extruder: Apolloinffratech.com

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