Thermbond refractories

Thermbond refractories

Thermbond, a new generation range of refractory materials, reduce down-time and chemically bond to existing refractories. Its surface is completely and naturally non-wetting to molten metals.

The two components of the product mix, are pre-measured in bags and jugs for easy and accurate mixing. Mixing time for most products is less than one minute.

Thermbond refractories normally do not require curing. The curing process is finished after the exothermic reaction is complete. Depending on installation requirements and ambient conditions, Thermbond formulations are available with a wide range of wetting and curing characteristics. Depending on the lining thickness and configuration, linear heat up rates of 5000 F (2600 C) per hour, with no holds, can be achieved with Thermbond. Thermbond Formula 4-L with its high abrasion resistance and fast setting capabilities is particularly fits in application for burner pipes in the cement plant. For more information contact William O'Connell at

Thermbond Refractories

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