Vacuum Bagging Solutions
Vacuum Bagging Solutions

Vacuum Bagging Solutions

Polypropylene bags used in cement plants are the backbone of packing cement. But these bags have a serious problem, which is, material seeping through bags. Arovac is now manufactured in India at Arodo India Pvt Ltd.

Arodo India Pvt Ltd is a Vadodara (Gujarat)-based company with a joint venture with Arodo BVBA, Belgium). ARODO BVBA is an international player in the packaging machinery market. It has expertise in the field of design and manufacture of customer- specific packaging machines.

The company produces its own complete filling lines consisting of bag filling, alletising and stretch hooding of the palletized loads. Arodo is the market leader in the field of custom-made filling lines and packaging machines. It has to its credit a number of groundbreaking innovations like the unique AROVAC vacuum bagging system. It supplies to Europe, the USA and Canada.

Arovac vacuum bagging solutions
The vacuum bagging system has a two-stage vacuum process. The product is first de-aerated at the filling point to minimise overall sack dimensions, and the process is then completed in the second stage, post de-aeration position further down the line, which finishes the conditioning process. The seal zone is then sealed using Arodo's own impulse sealing system.

AROVAC vacuum bagging system has the following advantages:

  • No influence of dust and air in the product which further improves the quality of the product.
  • Environment friendly and less wastage
  • Dust and spillage free
  • Clean storage, no leakages
  • Better printing possibility on the plastic bags
  • The system is generally used to vacuum pack material for which a long shelf life is to be guaranteed.
  • No dust and unpleasant odour

Arodo's AROVAC Vacuum Packing system can be offered in 500 and 1,000 bags/hour. Salient Features of Arodo's Packing Systems:

  • Sack Filling Lines
  • Capacity - up to 1,400 bags/ hour
  • Filling weights from (1-5) kg or from (5-50) kg
  • Designed as a combi-system, the system is suitable for handling pre-made sacks as well as processing them drawn from the reel.
  • The system produces water/ weather proof bags by using non-perforated tubular film.

It has the following components:

  • Bag-placing units for open mouth bags
  • Weighers
  • Closing systems - various options are available to suit a variety of product flow characteristics
  • Check weighers

Various configurations of Palletizers are available with Arodo to meet various customer requirements.

  • Can handle pallets of dimensions of 800 x 1,200 mm to 1,200 x1,500 mm
  • Maximum pallet height - 1,800 mm (up to 2,800 mm also possible)
  • Maximum load of empty pallet magazine - 750 kg
  • Capacity: up to 2,500 bags/hour

Stretch hooder
Stretch hooding is absolutely waterproof and therefore gives optimal protection against all weather conditions as well as dust ingress.

  • Generates great pallet stability
  • No heating is required for this watertight packing
  • Provides all-weather protection and prevents ingress of dust
  • Capacity: 80 to 100 pallets/hour
  • Includes a tubular film reel lifting device
  • Ultrasonic height measurement
  • In feed and discharge roller conveyors

(Communication by the management of the company)

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