We are the leading Electrical Control and Instrumentation supplier of quarry to lorry solutions for the cement industry

We are the leading Electrical Control and Instrumentation supplier of quarry to lorry solutions for the cement industry

S Meena Kumar
Manager, Sales and Marketing ( Minerals & Cement ), ABB India
ABB offers a comprehensive package of solutions, products and services for the complete primary production chain for the cement industry from quarry to Lorry. S Meena Kumar, Manager, Sales and Marketing (Minerals & Cement), ABB India speaks with ICR about these offers.

Please list the range of products offered by you for cement industry Automation - Scalable automation solutions provide easy entry to benefit from next-generation automation products. A small, basic system can be rapidly extended into a fully integrated and optimised automation solution, to deliver even greater value. ABB offers single system with Power and Process integration capabilities. It has unique controlled dedicated libraries specific to cement application. ABB´s Smart client allows the user to access the plant data through any PC/ LAPTOP with simple LAN connection. Instrumentation - ABB provides complete turn-key analysis systems. Continuous gas analyser system is the perfect fitting solution for emission monitoring, process gas measurements and specific applications in the cement industry. Also a complete solution for rotary kiln and calciner. The specialty is in hot sampling with a reliable rugged probe system which is the world leader in this industry.

CPM Solutions - Our Collaborative Production Management (CPM) solutions integrate manufa¡cturing systems providing real time visibility, reporting and optimisation of manufacturing processes. ABB´s Knowledge Manager provides the solutions and advanced tools needed to facilitate the collection, consolidation and distribution of combined production, quality and energy information throughout a plant´s organisation, via web-based reports, trends, and graphs.

Expert Optimiser is ABB´s process optimisation suite, designed to address the needs of managing the complexity of today´s operations. Using the available measurements to initiate automatic adjustments to plant control systems, it increases efficiency at a given quality. It compliments process control systems by optimising industrial processes in closed loop mode. It can also be used for decision support applications. Electrification We offer broad range of high, medium, and low voltage equipment for switching and distributing electrical power to the plant, including emergency power generation and UPS, industrial sub-stations, harmonic correction equipment, switchgears, and transformers.

Motors & Drives - ABB is able to provide the complete drives systems portfolio as required by the various applications. ABB´s drives solutions for the cement industry are designed to meet the requirements of the process and to fit properly into the plant environment. ABB is taking care about the interfaces to the supplying network, the load machine, the control system and the infrastructure by providing various engineering service.

Service - ABB´s vast global resources, expertise, technology and infrastructure are all used to create a solution you can profit from.We supply solutions for life-cycle services and support of equipment for the cement, mining and minerals processing industries. With a vast network of service centers, ABB focuses on helping your company to ensure results.

What are the test standards followed by and accreditations granted to your devices? Our products are certified by all the major accreditations like CE, UL, EN ( Immunity 7 Emission), IEC/ EN standards for Altitude and pollution degree.

Please elaborate on your quality management systems?
Based on it´s wide Cement Industry experience and engineering resources, ABB has developed and follows a common Computer Aided Engineering and automation engineering tool - Ebase. Used in executing all cement projects, this tool ensures precise engineering methodology and quality engineering throughput. Key features of this tool include:

Total plant engineering capability that covers all aspects of complete Electrical Control & Instrumentation
As the tool allows open design and seamless integration with ABB´s Distributed Control System System 800xA, documentation and engineering are easy to carry out and change with extremely high precision.
Proven cement process control application libraries (BMI) in line with global practices and standards - enables faster implementation with zero failures.
Defined system Integration test procedures enables multi-level application testing at ABB shop floor leads to effective and reduced implementation at site.
Established MIS reporting modules enables customer on productivity improvement.

Please tell us about smart devices that you manufacture?
ABB manufactures SMART instruments for Pressure, Temperature, Flow which supports HART,
Wireless HART, Profibus PA and Foundation Fieldbus.

Please elaborate on the compatibility of your devices with various IT structures?
ABB is committed to helping customer take advantage of new technologies while reducing exposures to risk in areas like cyber security and hardware obsolesce. The heart of advances in Industrial Automation (IA) are IT systems. To allow users to have comprehensive real time information and allow for higher level reliability and control, IT systems have become more and more interconnected. New generation IA systems use open technologies like TCP/IP and web. It is important to maintain a secure and a reliable environment under these conditions. There is no single security solution or technology that fits all organisations. ABB offers solutions and service to support cyber security throughout the lifecycle of a control system from installation and deployment to maintenance.

ABB systems and platforms are based on Commercial Off-The-Shelf technology for IT hardware and works actively with all major vendors to test and certify scalable range of IT hardware (Servers, Workstations, routers and switches) for its DCS, the System 800xA. ABB´s System 800xA DCS supports virtualization. Virtualization brings cost and operational benefits by simplifying how servers are managed and maintained. It reduces the hardware and operating expenses at same time improving availability. Software upgrades are easier to install that promotes wider use of control technologies and new functionalities available over a period of time.

Are you planning to launch new range / new device in near future?
ABB is continually developing new technologies and solutions for better measurement, control and optimization. This effort spans multiple platforms and products which are at different stages of development.

Tell us about the R&D efforts done by your company?
ABB invests more than US $1 Billion on R&D across in automation and power products and solutions. ABB has seven corporate research centers, employs 8,000 scientists and supports 70 university collaborations around the world. In India it has research and engineering operations that employs over 1000 employees.

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