WOW Manufacturing: An Attempt to Win the War on Waste
Sanjay Joshi

WOW Manufacturing: An Attempt to Win the War on Waste

Generation of waste is unavoidable but making use of the waste, generated in a smart way is a new approach the industry has taken. Cement industry is a torch bearer in this new approach. Sanjay Joshi, Chief Manufacturing Officer, Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd is taking us through the various facets of war on waste.

One of the biggest challenges for manufacturing businesses is reducing wastes. So what is waste? Waste is defined as any activity that does not add value from the customer’s perspective. This wastage is not just inefficiency in terms of cost and Return on Investments (ROI), it also has a direct impact on the sustainability of a business. The waste of resources, directly or indirectly, impacts every factor in the manufacturing process & its efficiency. The War on Waste (WOW) must, therefore, be waged at multiple fronts to make a noticeable and measurable impact. The key will lie in leveraging technology to plan, implement, improve, and monitor process optimization. Industry 4.0 will be dictated by the need to eliminate waste and the removal of non-value added (NVA) activities from the manufacturing process. What is War on Waste?

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