Grand Paris project supported by Cemex
Grand Paris project supported by Cemex

Grand Paris project supported by Cemex

Currently under development project in France will be supported by Cemex, S.A.B. de C.V. an official communication of CEMEX says. Cemex will provide a wide range of building materials, as well as technical and logistical expertise for several stages of this large-scale project.
Cemex has been one of the main contributors to the Grand Paris for the foundations and civil engineering of a section of the Grand Paris Express. Cemex supplied over
55 000 m3 of specially formulated concrete to build the cast walls, technical and slab floors for the extension of lines 4 and 15 of the Paris underground, an extension that is expected to serve 60 000 passengers daily by 2020.
Cemex also participated in several phases of the ZAC Clichy Batignolles Development Area, a project that will reconfigure 54 hectares of inner Paris. For two of the first stages of this project, Cemex provided beams and construction techniques for 30 000 m2 of area under construction, using just-in-time concrete pouring to ensure uninterrupted pumping inside a heavy-traffic, built-up area.
Cemex has also provided logistical support for the Grand Paris through its port operations. Cemex's ships are handling much of the logistics associated with removing excavated soil from the construction areas, and Cemex's ports will transport more than 300 000 t of soil and contaminated landfill, relieving an already traffic-congested area.
"We are proud to participate in monumental projects like the Grand Paris, which will not only reshape the iconic city of Paris, but also improve the quality of life for its inhabitants," said Michel André, Director of Cemex France. "Our participation in several stages of such a large-scale project demonstrates the technical, logistical, and professional capabilities of Cemex."
The Grand Paris development project aims to improve the quality of life of the residents in the Paris metropolitan area by addressing regional inequalities, while building a sustainable city. By its expected completion in 2030, the Grand Paris will include 205 km of automatic metro lines, 68 new stations connecting the Grand Paris clusters to airports and stations, and other urban infrastructure improvements.

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