Portland Cement Association´s centennial anniversary

Portland Cement Association´s centennial anniversary

2016 marks the centennial ann¡versary of the Portland Cement Association (PCA), the nation´s leading advocate for America´s cement manufacturers. Widely recognised as an authority on the technology, economics, and applications of cement and concrete, the PCA is a vocal advocate for sustainability, economic growth, sound infrastructure investment and overall innovation and excellence in construction.

In celebrating its 100th year, PCA will be hosting several events throughout the year, including:

February 2-5, 2016: World of Concrete, Las Vegas, Nevada. The official launch of Centennial Celebration.

March 14-15, 2016: PCA Spring Congress, Chicago. Main centennial celebration for PCA membership.

May 24-25, 2016: 2016 DC Fly-In, Washington, D.C., July 18, 2016: Open house at PCA Skokie headquarters and CTLGroup To find out more, please contact Erik Rancatore at (847) 972-9138 or visit www.cement.org.

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