SAIL to raise ore output capacity via Rs 100 bn project

SAIL to raise ore output capacity via Rs 100 bn project

Steel Authority of India (SAIL) plans to spend over Rs 10,000 crore for modernisation and expansion to raise the iron ore production capacity of its mines from the present level of 18 million tonne (mn t).

The company operates seven mines located at Kiriburu, Meghahatuburu, Gua, Chiria, Bolani, Barsua and Kalta, spread over Jharkhand and Odisha, through its Raw Materials Division (RMD).

As part of the expansion project, SAIL is installing a new iron ore beneficiation technology at its captive mines to enhance iron ore recovery and simultaneously minimise generation of tailings, which lead to better environment protection and conservation of natural resources.

The technology reduces the use of land and water, and maximising utilisation of iron ore. These advanced ore processing plants are being installed to achieve zero discharge at the tailing dam.

At Kiriburu iron ore mine, SAIL is planning to invest Rs 17 crore for reclamation of water from Tailing Dam. This will substantially reduce fresh water consumption from local springs like Gagirath through recycling and prevent any discharge into the stream.

At a cost of Rs 45 crore, the firm would set up a Tailing Dam slime beneficiation plant at the Kiriburu mines. This will reduce flow of solid materials in the tailing dam substantially and improve recovery of fines and the quality of the discharged water.

The company will put up a similar project at the Bolani ore mine too at an estimated cost of Rs 8 crore. The mines are working on projects to use Tailing Dam materials for higher productivity and better environment management.

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