Swanky station!
Swanky station!

Swanky station!

The newly-revamped Manduadih railway station in Uttar Pradesh is benchmarked to global standards, yet reflects the local spirit.

A railway station that looks less like a regular railway station and more like an airport terminal! That's the Manduadih railway station in Uttar Pradesh - revamped with a world-class look. The building - that can easily be mistaken for a corporate office -not only boasts of a fabulous aesthetic but features various passenger-friendly amenities.

Design and construction
For any project, including Manduadih railway station, planning comes first, followed by design; work commences after approval. As NK Pathak, Assistant Divisional Town Engineer, North Eastern Railway, Varanasi, shares, the station was designed by the Indian Institute of Technology (BHU), Varanasi. Architect Kishore Kapoor was involved in the planning, while AK Singh of IIT (BHU) was the structural designer.

Construction was completed in about two-and-a-half years. It cost about Rs 320 to 340 million to construct the building and circulating areas. This does not include the cost of the five platforms developed.

The features
Earlier, Manduadih was a small railway station with only three platforms. It has now been revamped by adding five more platforms, a new entry and a new building. Manduadih now has eight platforms, constructed according to the railway stations' clear-standing length specifications. The station building is a double-storey structure with a height of 198 m and built area of 18 m.

The building has made extensive use of glass; it even has glass on the platform side. Further, the hall or concourse in the station premises, which also consists of the lounge area, is 18 m wide and 54 m long.

Construction methods
The fatade of the building structure consists of toughened glass, while the columns and beams have been covered with ACPs (aluminium composite panels). The PP shelter of the main entrance has also used ACP for its roofing and ceiling.

Further, galvanised sheets, procured from Proflex, are a special material used in the construction of the hall. These are self-supported for the roofing. A unique technique in the roofing was the use of sheets that were prefabricated and weaved later for the roof. The roofing was a 100-per-cent success without any leakage in the monsoons.

Besides, granite, tile, PPC and OPC cement, stone, sand, brick and other usual materials have been used in the construction of the project. PPC cement of grade M25 and stainless steel of grade SS304 with anti-rust properties have been used.

In terms of construction equipment, the project used concrete mixing machines on site. It has also undertaken rainwater harvesting on site. All the rainwater, right from the roof to circulating areas, is collected into a pond and used.

Passenger amenities
Manduadih railway station comes under the B-class earning category. The passenger amenities provided are definitely more than the specifications as per the B-class category. Facilities provided include air-conditioning at most places, drinking water facilities, washrooms, stainless steel benches, PP shelter, seating arrangement, waiting lounges that are fully air-conditioned, a 20-bed dormitory and a huge food court plaza.

Further, Wi-Fi facilities and CCTV cameras have been installed all over the station. The premises are well-lit with LED lights. Moreover, two sets (up and down) of escalators as well as two elevators have been installed at the station; another elevator has also been proposed for installation. There is also a taxiway and parking facilities available with a separate auto stand as well. What's more, fountains have been set up to beautify the circulating areas.

Cleanliness at the station is top-notch with the platforms being clean and well-maintained. The contract for cleanliness is undertaken by the health department. Notably, while the station is benchmarked to international standards, the architecture still reflects the spirit of Kashi.

A true example of being global with a local flavour!


Project Details
Uttar Pradesh
Master planner and project consultant: Architect Kishore Kapoor, Varanasi
Designer and structural consultant: AK Singh, IIT (BHU), Varanasi
Construction contractors: Rajni Singh, CL Gupta, Rockhill, AK Constructions, RK
Constructions, Ramesh Tiwari.
HVAC consultant: Internal
Landscape architects: Internal

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